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How To Ensure Your Reviews Are Genuine

The property industry has been placed under serious scrutiny in recent weeks due to the growing concern over fake reviews. Only last month TrustPilot reviews were taken down by an online agent because their authenticity was brought into... Read more

New lending rules risk choking buy-to-let investment

If you’re an existing, or even prospective landlord in the UK you may be wondering what the impact of new lending rules will have on the sector. Tax changes due to be implemented next April will mean landlords no longer have the option of... Read more

Find the Best Mortgage Online In Minutes

The average Brit will consult a broker when getting a mortgage on a property. However, what they won't know is that the average mortgage broker will look at fewer than ten percent of the mortgages available and take two to three weeks just to... Read more

Brexit: The Impact on London’s Property Market

Following a very close referendum, the country made the decision to leave the EU. The vote has left the London housing market in a state of uncertainty and left buyers, sellers and landlords feeling hesitant about what move to make next. So what... Read more