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Company News

Saidia, the sporting capital of Africa?

Probably the largest ever investment by sporting personalities has just taken place at Mediterranean-Saidia in Morocco. New Era Limited, property investment advisors, say that football heroes Rio Ferdinand and John Terry have been quick to spot the... Read more

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Uruguay leads the Latin dance

Brazil move over. Chic little Uruguay is attracting serious investment from locals and foreigners, says EM Concepts. Londoner Steven Chew had the perfect plan. Leave the big smoke. Move to Brazil. Set up a business running bespoke tours of Latin... Read more

Company News Abu Dhabi the next boom

Up and coming property markets and trends

In a recent interview with Real Estate TV, Managing Director Mark Dodd was able to draw on the opinions and expert knowledge that he is a party to in his every day work to provide insight on emerging trends in international property this... Read more