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10 Tips: Create your digital home entertainment spot

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Home is where the heart is, especially if your home has the ideal entertainment spot kitted out and ready to go. Create that, and it can give you more than enough reasons to be cheerful, alongside making it incredibly hard to leave your sanctuary.

Virtually everyone enjoys sitting down and taking in a box office hit after a hard day at work. Likewise, gamers sample games like Fortnite on the big screen or play the best online slots at for British players on their smartphones and tablets. Alternatively, watching a mysterious murder documentary might be your thing. Essentially, whatever the genre, if you have the perfect setup, then it takes any viewing experience up a notch.

So, with that in mind, we thought we’d come up with 10 tips to help create your ideal digital home entertainment spot, an industry which is booming.

  1. Locate the ideal space

Deciding on the perfect space for your setup really could make or break it. Avoid rooms with too much outside light coming in and make sure the selected space has enough room to fit a suitably sized screen. The space should then be solely dedicated to watching videos on the big screen. Also, keep in mind that most projectors suitable for watching your favourite movies on tend to be roughly a 14-foot throw distance in order to cast a 150-inch diagonal picture. Smaller projectors are available, though.

  1. Control the ambient light

Unlike other rooms, to create the perfect digital home entertainment spot, you actually want to limit the light coming in. Be sure to choose a space that already has limited light coming in, such as a basement. Light-blocking curtains and shades certainly help in that respect.


  1. Control the ambient sound

Unwanted sound coming from outside your designated entertainment room is capable of ruining even the best of gaming sessions. Whether it’s kitchen noises, cars outside or noisy children playing, soundproofing the room is the best way to go. Try adding a second layer of drywall or having solid doors, too.

  1. Build a suitable A/V component rack

The central point for your source components, the audio-visual component rack is the brains behind the operation. Treat it with the respect it deserves and make sure it has a place it can call home.

  1. Be sure to ventilate the A/V rack

Make sure the audio-visual component rack is well ventilated. The number of wires and machinery can leave it prone to overheating. The rack must be ideally open in the front, back, and even the sides.

  1. Sort out the seating arrangements

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Invest in your dream seat. Comfort is key here, so be sure to go all out and secure real luxury. Treat yourself.

  1. Control the sound from within


Controlling the audio is vital to achieving the perfect all-round spot. Be sure to limit the bounce by adding wall-to-wall carpeting, draperies and cushiony seating which will absorb any sound. It’s simple and incredibly effective.

  1. Plan for the flow of signals

Entertainment is delivered through hard-wired connections and wi-fi signals these days, which is exactly why keeping all wires hidden is aesthetically pleasing. Wireless devices are ideal.

  1. Invest in a drop-down movie screen

A projector you can hide away after watching the latest release is a nifty invention, but so too are screens which can be manually lowered and raised, some at the touch of a button. Definitely something to consider.

  1. Use dark paint for the walls and ceiling

Light reflection is the last thing you want. Dark colours are an ideal way to combat this, such as black or grey on the walls or ceilings.