7 affordable ways to make your home more luxurious

It is not surprising that you want to make your home more luxurious; we all want to feel joy and comfort in our home. While we assume that such luxury takes a lot of money, it is not always the case. There are ways of revolutionising your living space in affordable ways. Here are seven ways that you do to make tweaks that will not cost a limb.

Underfloor heating

Removing the radiators from the walls and keeping those clean lines is one reason to choose low profile underfloor heating. The other reason is that having a home that is just the right temperature can have a miraculous impact on the sense of luxury. If you cannot afford to have underfloor heating in every room, then choose those areas that will make all the difference. For instance, often, having a warm floor to step onto when getting out the back or shower can make you feel like a million pounds.

Deep pile rugs

Sinking your feet into the pile of a high-quality rug can bring a sense of luxury to any space. Even if this is the only piece of furniture in your home that speaks of decadence, it will be enough to transform the space.

It is not just the visual impact of a well-designed, well-made rug that makes all the difference. It is also appealing to your sense of touch and can make you feel at home with one footfall. While a pure wool deep pile rug is the height of decadence, you might want to go for a wool mix, which provides equal quality but at not quite the same price.

The spa bathroom

Bubbles in your bath! Who doesn’t want some jets of warm water bubbling up to the surface when you are relaxing? While you might not be able to afford the full spa experience in your bathroom, you could have just one feature that smacks of luxury. You could have a stand-out tub or a wet room for your shower. It might not even have to be that big – you could choose one small detail to make a difference, such as a waterfall tap.

Avoid dull hall-lighting!

When you walk into a top-class hotel, you are most impressed when you make your entrance. All too often, in our homes, we allow the lighting in our hallway to be an afterthought. So, here is where you can make a genuine difference to the luxury of your home. Buy in some high-quality LED lighting and make sure the colours on the walls are bright too. Then, invest in bespoke storage solutions, so the shoes and coats and keys are all hidden from view. You could go the whole hog and buy in a chandelier… though if it is a small one metre by one-metre hallway, this might be over-the-top.

Windows deserve dressing!

Whether you choose blinds or curtains, or a combination of the two, you should invest well in this item. Not only is the dressing on your window a way to ensure your privacy, but it can also become the dominant feature of the room on an evening. It is equally an outward view of your home for those passing by. Consequently, this is a place where you can invest some money to have a maximum impact on your home. Choosing made-to-measure curtains can yell luxury for all to hear.

Storage solutions are your friend

One way to destroy a sense of luxury is to have your home overwhelmed with clutter. When you have a smaller home, you must be smarter than ever when using storage solutions. Every space should have a purpose and a sense of style in the way that this is organised. Choosing storage that looks good doesn’t have to be pricey; it just has to work well on a theme and for your space.

You can make even more space for your storage if you get innovative in organising your furniture. Keep experimenting until you hit that goldilocks zone.


A bunch of flowers in a vase elevates a room in an instant. Not only will the flowers let off a wonderful scent to the room, but the flash of colour will add that sense of luxury. It is a good idea to spend a little more than you are comfortable with a couple of bouquets for your home, as their impact is well worth the investment.

Whichever of these seven affordable ways to make your home luxurious, remember that what home means is defined within your family. Luxury may mean something entirely different to you – and you might not find it in a shop.