Attempts and opportunities to keep trading in 2020


This is the story of a successful trader, Luke Green, and it has begun in 2017. There was the world bull run and his start of BTC futures induction. It was an ultimate success: the start bid of £250 increased to £1000. However, such an achievement wasn’t a result of an outstanding trade strategy – there was just a happy time…

A happy time

That year was the time of BTC’s record growth. Nothing similar before, nor after – any trade on any day from April till December 2017 became profitable in an hour. It’s easy money, isn’t it? Yep, but easy times have tended to end. And from this point, to save and raise profit, you have to switch on your head. Your need is a strategy. Always, since the beginning of 2018.

Since the beginning of 2018…

At the beginning of 2018, Luke realized that a rest is needed not to lose the most he had. So, he was waiting for the bottom and critically slowed down my active trading. That was the right time to learn more and deeply about the crypto market, developing his strategy skills.

Meanwhile, Luke decided to invest in some longer-term crypto project. He’s chosen the Digitex token, joined the ICO, and the same year later added it to his initial investment.

While investments doing well

While investments were doing well, Luke was continuing with the crypto study. His main points of attention were trading, technical analysis, and risk management. He tested different strategies and platforms, signed up for many exchanges. The last ones appeared very disappointing. There was no handy exchange that contained low commissions and tight spreads. “These exchanges demotivate”, decided Luke.


Exchanges demotivate. No matter how heavy your profit and skills weigh are – the commission/spread eats your money. During this time, the loss becomes bigger. Exchanges totally demotivate to trade again on them. But Luke wanted to earn, not lose.


Luke wanted to earn, not lose. That’s why he continued searching for the platform with no spreads and commissions – fairly without ones, not hidden under the asterisks. So, he’s found the DFE platform which promised risk-reducing and loss avoidance. Luke analyzed some strategies and found out that it’s possible to make a profit. Moreover, it’s possible to make a large and constant profit. All you need to monetize this way is discipline. Ok, what about real money?

About real money

He was one of the 20 first traders registered on the DFE platform. So, in comparison with the testnet: the only difference was the ladder liquidity – scaling down of position size. Then more traders have come, and the liquidity and positions’ size have grown. And as a result of the high Bitcoin volatility: the ladder has easily handled some enormous BTC movements. Luke has reached a stable profit level increasing his DGTX account balance by about 33%. No commissions, no spreads – only Luke, market, and monetization of Luke’s market strategy.

Market strategy

Now Luke’s general market strategy is to extend his trading. New traders come daily, the exchange and token value are ok – it’s a pretty nice time to hold and accumulate DGTX. With the DFE platform, he has plenty of trading opportunities and the right way to increase assets for the long term.

Direct and effective BTC trading, as well as the creation of additional markets, will attract to the platform more traders soon. Luke considers this will cause demand and economic value reflecting by DGTX token price. Here starts a happy time for the ending of his trading rest.