How AI is revolutionising the future of customer experience

Artificial Intelligence or AI is the next frontier for enabling precise automation, digging deeper into data and accomplishing tasks with astonishing accuracy. With AI being applied to almost every aspect of our lives, it was only a matter of time that machine intelligence be used to enhance customer experience. This is exactly what Odigo, one of the leaders in customer experience, achieves by implementing AI for delivering the ultimate customer experience.  

How AI is transforming the CX sector 

Having AI respond to user queries is a recent use case of the technology. Most people have seen them in action on websites where a pop-up assistant can chat with them and offer valuable information. Similarly, before connecting with a customer representative, such programs can be deployed to get an overview of the issue faced by the consumer, their sentiment and more.  

And this method is actually working. As per a study by the MNC Capgemini, AI can help strengthen sales, boost operations, engage customers and generate insights. In fact, 64% of UK-based consumers opt for self-service via a chat bot, if given the option, as per Microsoft. AI thus helps understand users’ needs, offers self-service that is preferred and leverages insight to elevate customer experience.   

Odigo’s AI-based approach for enhancing CX and driving revenues 

Digital transformation is sweeping the country, ever since COVID-19. It makes sense to grow your business using an AI-based contact centre solution for enhancing the customer experience. Odigo is a leader in this segment and its contact centre as a service (CCaaS) offering ensures that not only customers, but agents are also happy and fulfilled. While Odigo can help enhance customer experience on its own, it also enables organisations   to optimise Agent Experience and  contact center performances to help them to take the most of it. The key for a business to shoot up revenue and growth, while having happy customers.  

Odigo Customer Experience  

The initial interaction with a customer can make or mar their experience. Odigo’s Omnichannel CX solutions enables customers to get in touch via any channel they like. This includes : voice, mail, chat, text message, social, and video. Furthermore, it uses AI with NLP to identify a caller’s voice biometrics to understand the intent and context of their inquiry. This results in directing customers to the best-qualified agent for their particular query. Finally, there’s incorporation of agent shadowing when users talk with an AI so that the call can be seamlessly transferred to a human when necessary.   

Agent experience and business growth  

Helping agents interacting with customers is an important factor in delivering great customer experience. Odigo enables this with the previously mentioned Omnichannel CX console, and it also offers customer insights for better understanding the consumer and their needs. Additionally, the self-service bots take care of tedious tasks for the agent so that they can assist better when required. Training materials are also made available for agents to help them learn more and upskill them. 

Overall, to improve customer experience, grow business and retain customers, a business needs to keep up with the times. Odigo is an omichannel contact center in the UK that  helps companies deliver an elevated customer experience without any hassle and uses AI to deliver the best possible result.  


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