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How property development can elevate your business growth

Growing the demand for your products or services is the primary goal of any business – but this poses the challenge of sourcing sufficient storage. Plainly this is primarily relevant to businesses which sell physical stock, because having storage solutions which streamline the customer experience is essential to cultivating a great reputation. Perhaps large storage facilities, such as warehouses, would be immediately associated with larger companies or even corporations. For small businesses, however, effective large-scale storage can be the key to taking the business to the next level and as a catalyst for huge growth and expansion. When looking for expertise on where to begin with property development, GLP have over 30 years’ experience in logistics and storage.

There are two main types of stage facility that any business may choose to use for a storage facility, either industrial or commercial properties. Although these two respective options are not hugely different on initial inspection, it is vital to choose the right option for your requirements. One storage solution may have facilities that are uniquely suited to particular businesses. Moreover, trying to adapt a storage solution, when the other option would have been more suitable initially, can amount to be a significant – and wasted – amount of money. A commercial warehouse is tailored for simple storage of inventory and will prove the most cost efficient for a business which has stock ready to distribute. Alternatively, if you need to manufacture or alter stock prior to the customer receiving the products, or you require office facilities, an industrial storage solution will be more suitable. Logistics are also important to consider; the storage facility must be large enough, functional and capable of meeting transportation demands, whether to other business premises or directly to the company.

GLP operate across the globe with a portfolio that spans across myriad industries and sectors. Over their three decades of operating they have amassed expertise – GLP are now uniquely placed with world-leading knowledge and can assist any business with the property development. Now operating under the name GLP, the company was formerly known as Gazeley and has a wealth of experience across Europe: Germany, Italy, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. Outside of Europe too GLP have heritage of operating in key global regions such as the United States, China, Japan, India and Brazil. Across their network, GLP manage 9 million square meters of warehouse space. As a testament to their pursuit of customer satisfaction, GLP record a 70% rate of repeat business from their existing customers. This record of satisfaction is particularly impressive when considering their list of clients: household names such as Tesco, Asda, Amazon, Adidas, John Lewis, Walmart, Volkswagen and H&M amongst others.

The company operate slightly abnormally as they do not have a central global headquarters; GLP choose to run their operation from across several offices, allowing these respective offices to focus on their local markets. Committed to sustainable ethos, GLP seek to redress their environment impact by powering 20,000 homes a year with solar panels. Sourcing expertise in property development is also the optimum way to develop your business and continue, or kickstart, your growth.