A Place of Dwelling

A shelter is one of the basic but important needs of the man next to food especially during the most trying times when we had to undergo lockdown when the recent pandemic hit. All major activities were done at home like business, homeschooling, the majority of the workers had to work from home, and even communicating to the outside world was done at home as well as entertainment.

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A house is a place where we live to protect ourselves from possible danger, the changing seasons, and harsh weather outside. It provides us and our family comfort and safety. The question is which place suits best to build a house?

More and more people, especially newly-wed and young families, opted to live in the countryside. Some took advantage of the fact that working from home might take a bit of time because of the current health issue situation, they own a business or they don’t mind traveling every day to go to the city.

The main reasons why they choose to live in the countryside


Peace and quiet are some of the best things that the countryside can offer. Just the mere rustle of the gentle breeze and the chirping of the birds and maybe some farm animals from afar are all that you hear. It is indeed perfect especially if your job requires you to think more or if one needs a quiet atmosphere.

Quality of life

Let’s face it, having a plant or two in the city is not easy considering the pollution and the limited space. You can have a garden during your free time or plant trees for some shade, set up a nice hummock, make cool, fresh lemonade and read a good book in the afternoon. It is refreshing indeed the whole working on an important paper to submit to your boss and stopping once in a while to admire your roses outside your window.

Life at the Community

Life is simple in the countryside. People sleep early and they wake up early. Gossip Mongers are present here and there, they talk about life, their family, their children, their plants, their farm animals, they share recipes, and who makes the best pie in the place. Interaction is part of country living and it is also good knowing that there are people who know you which is quite a contrast if you live in the city.

Affordable cost of living

The commodity and the rent that we pay in the city is twice lower if we live in the suburbs. The majority of the fruits and vegetables are freshly picked and sometimes surprisingly cheap. Leasing a decent house is also possible because the rental fees are pretty low or if you purchase it, it’s also very affordable.


Slow and laid-back life is very much possible in rural areas because public transports are not that busy and have fewer traffic, less crime rate, and a safe neighborhood.



If you have lived in the city all your life, country living might be appealing for a while but not for long. The same kind of life day in and day out can be terribly boring.

Not much opportunity

If one of the family members is looking for work or a part-time job, it’s quite difficult to find one in rural areas. Menial work such as working in a convenience store, food service crew in a café, or other odd jobs are usually available in this area.

Limited accessibility

Major issues involving health complications that need bigger attention can be a big hassle especially if there’s not much medical facility available in a local hospital.


A home is where we find solace and safety so it is best that we have to consider things before settling down. Discuss it with your family, ask for opinions and ask yourself what is best for you and your loved ones.