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Adding Value to Your Home: 3 Practical Suggestions

Whether you’re considering putting your home on the market or simply looking to add some value to your property for when you’re ready to sell, the decision to renovate or not renovate is an important one. Deciding to enhance your property can be a brilliant way to make a return on your initial investment, so long as you make the correct improvements, and the costs don’t outweigh your expected profit. Therefore, homeowners should look for desirable, low-cost home improvements to increase the worth of their homes over time. Some of which we’ve outlined in this article to help budding renovators implement aesthetically and value-boosting changes to improve the selling price of their property.

Implement Energy-Efficient Home Features

One of the most popular ways to increase the value of your property is by implementing energy-efficient home features. Going green has become an emerging trend amongst homeowners hoping to increase the worth of their homes. Plus, now that society has advanced knowledge of the environmental issues that affect our planet, we are more aware of which energy-efficient home features to implement for less stress on our planet (and our wallets!).

Many aesthetically and environmentally pleasing energy-efficient home features are available for homeowners, from installing appliances like smart thermostats or microwaves to implementing cosmetic energy-efficient improvements like a tiled conservatory roof. Suppose that you’re interested in a tiled conservatory roof cost? In that case, you could consider looking at Green Energy Compare’s website, where you’ll be able to get an idea of your tiled conservatory roof cost and much more information. Peruse their offering to see how their services could help you add value to your home today.

Extend The Kitchen Or Conservatory

Another popular way to increase your property’s worth is by adding an extension to the kitchen, conservatory, or other rooms in the house. Although the amount of value an extension will add to a property dramatically differs depending on the type of extension, the property it’s in and its location.

Overall, you can increase the value of your property by around 23% by investing in an extension. An extended kitchen or conservatory area is desirable to potential homebuyers as spacious homes appeal to families or individuals who want to start a family, and it’s more likely to be a home for life as opposed to one the family will outgrow over time.

Fix Any Cosmetic Problems

Before putting your property on the market, it’s within your best interest as the seller to rectify any cosmetic problems before having potential buyers over for viewings. This includes any missing or broken roof tiles, cracks or holes in the walls, missing patches of paint, leaks etc. as not only does it create a bad image of the property overall, but it could also create doubts in potential buyers minds as to whether the property has any costlier underlying issues that haven’t been brought to their attention.

Not to mention, any cosmetic problems such as dampness, rot etc., will not be taken lightly by a valuer that will be included within their report and could make your property harder to sell. Although these jobs may seem small and insignificant, they are worth fixing, and when it comes to adding value to your property, they are imperative.