Finding A Mortgage To Suit Any Situation: The Key Factors To Consider

mortgage adviser with clients

For most homebuyers, a mortgage is a vital form of financing needed to ensure that they have enough money to cover the cost of their new property.

In today’s property market, mortgages are becoming harder to get, as providers pull products due to the uncertain economic situation we’re dealing with currently.

For those with unusual circumstances, such as bad credit, multiple people responsible for the mortgage or several sources of funding, it can be even harder to find the right mortgage product.

Whether you’re a professional mortgage advisor or a buyer looking for the perfect mortgage to suit your situation, there are many factors to consider.

In this article, we’ll outline the main considerations that you need to take into account when choosing a mortgage, particularly if you have a unique situation.

How The Property Will Be Used

The use that the property will be put to will have a significant impact on the type of mortgage you can take out, so you need to consider how you intend to use the building. If you want to use the property for commercial use, even if it’s not currently designated for this purpose, then you’ll need to make sure that you tell your mortgage lender. Most domestic mortgages won’t allow you to use the property for commercial use, so even if you’re converting it, you need to be aware of this. If you’re renting the property out, then you can consider a buy-to-let mortgage, so consider how the property will be used before you talk to a mortgage advisor.

How Many People Will Own The Property Or Be Responsible For The Mortgage

If several people will own the house or be responsible for the mortgage, then you need to figure out how they’re all going to be noted on the paperwork and how the responsibilities will be divided. In some rare cases, you can have multiple people responsible for the mortgage, but only one owning the property. This is called a Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor mortgage, and while there aren’t many options for these mortgages, they can be a useful solution for anyone with an unusual setup for their house financing.

How You’ll Pay For The Mortgage And Your Credit Rating

How you’ll finance the repayments, and your past credit history, will have a significant affect on what you can borrow. If you have bad credit, then you might find that traditional mortgage lenders are uncomfortable lending to you, but there are other options, such as mortgages from providers that specialise in bad credit mortgages. Also, most mortgages require repayment each month, but there is a range of different products out there to suit those with unique needs. If you are expecting an inheritance or are selling another property and want to use the proceeds to finance your next purchase, then you could consider an interest-only mortgage instead of a repayment option. Interest-only mortgages mean you’re only paying interest, but then you’ll still be liable for the balance of the borrowing at the end of the term. So, if you’re expecting a windfall, then you could consider this option.

To Sum Up

Choosing the right mortgage is essential, and with thousands of mortgage products on the market, homebuyers need to be aware of their options and make informed decisions. A mortgage is a serious commitment, and remortgaging can take a lot of time, money and effort, as well as putting your property and credit rating at risk. These tips should help anyone looking for a mortgage, no matter what their circumstances, to find the right product that will help them finance the purchase of their next property, whether it’s an investment or their dream home.