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Home Staging Mistakes That Could Decrease Your House Value

Designing your home is a huge decision for you, especially if you’re planning on selling it after. Of course, you need to make design decisions that match your taste and make you feel comfortable in your own home, but not everyone has the same taste, which could affect the value of your home. If you do decide to list your home for sale, staging it is always a great option.

Furniture Placement

The placement of furniture and decor in one’s home dramatically affects how the house sells. If potential buyers cannot imagine themselves in the space or at least be able to quickly think of how they’d change simple things, then the value of your home is at risk.

Some easy tips include removing all personal photos of friends and family and ensuring your home doesn’t have too much furniture and it’s simple like IKEA’s. If personal images are still sitting around your house, it doesn’t make buyers feel like the home could be theirs. If there is too much furniture, it can make a place feel stuffy and not as big.

Dark Rooms

Avoiding dark colours in your home is something many should follow. When dark colours are selected as paint, these shades tend to absorb the light, resulting in a smaller-looking room. When bright and light colours are chosen, natural light is more reflective, allowing the space to feel bigger and more open. Some dark colours are okay, but be cautious about how many you include.


A clean and tidy home is crucial during the selling period. Again, potential buyers need to picture themselves in your home, and it will be much harder for them to do that if they’re looking at a mess. Make sure all surfaces are wiped down, closets are thinned out, unnecessary furniture has been moved into storage, beds are made, hallways are clear, excess equipment is put away, trash cans are emptied, and everything in the kitchen and bathrooms is just bare essentials.


Having a lot of neutrals in your home is great for resale and is highly recommended. When deciding what types of neutral furniture and decor to pick, consider each piece a blank canvas. For example, buying a completely beige couch leaves you the opportunity to buy some colourful pillows to put on it. However, if you went with a bold colour couch, all of your pillows should be plain and simple. Home decor magazines like  Elle Decor are great if you’re trying to find isnpiration.

Old Paint

Visibly old and discoloured paint is an eyesore, and it’s what most people notice right away as they’re touring a home. Giving your home a fresh coat of paint is such an easy fix that adds to the atmosphere of your home and ultimately increases its value. This also goes for the outside. If a potential buyer walks up to the house and sees cracked paint on the front door, the tone has already been set, and it won’t be an optimistic one.


Home staging is something every seller should consider when listing their property, but why is that? Well, as we all know, first impressions count a lot, it is the first thing people will see, and judge you on. Having a well staged house for a viewing is just as important as having a well designed website, just like Platincasino. And if you are still unsure how furniture and decor will look in your home, virtual staging is always an option.