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How to ensure a positive work environment

It can be very exciting to start a new job. A fresh career could mean more opportunities, an easier life and potentially new friends. It can be, however, rather frustrating when it turns out to be not all it was cracked up to be and you might even wind up feeling a little blindsided. Maybe you weren’t told at your interview that you would have to reply to emails out of office hours. Or perhaps taking your legally required breaks was frowned upon.But how are you supposed to know about these downfalls before you sign a contract and join a new company? The regret and misery that accompanies working in a job you dislike can really put a dampener on your day to day life. This is where the extreme benefit of company reviews comes in. enables individuals to leave anonymous reviews for their past and current employers. The recruitment and training company was originally established in 1990 and has become the largest site for reviews of services, workplaces and employers.

It’s not all negative though. Users can write glowing reviews on their employers and thus encourage others to pursue careers with the same company. If you’re on the fence about taking a job, a five star review might be the thing that pushes you to make that choice. It’s a comforting feeling to know that you’ve chosen an employer that looks after their employees and creates a sense of job satisfaction.

In the circumstance that you do have to leave a negative review, you don’t have to worry about it affecting your employer references or even your personal life as Gowork reviews are completely anonymous so there’s no need to feel awkward if you bump into your old boss during your weekly grocery shop. You can have peace of mind knowing that only good things can come of you leaving a review.

Not only does this service benefit potential employees, it also provides a great advantage to employers. Often companies can be ignorant to the thoughts and feelings of their staff unless individuals choose to voice their opinions. Many people avoid doing this because they feel like it won’t make a difference or perhaps they simply don’t wish to enter such a discussion with their employers. However, having access to reviews through Gowork allows employers to check up on what people are saying about their company and potentially make changes and amends based on the feedback. This can avoid a business having a high staff turnover, a low level of morale, and a negative reputation as a place of work. Positive reviews let employers know that they are doing the right thing and prevent unnecessary or unwanted changes.

Employers can also respond to anonymous feedback in their own forum to address problems and open a conversation between employer and employees.

In a nutshell, having access to workplace reviews can only be beneficial for both employers and employees. Companies can use them to create a comfortable and productive work environment while those looking for work can benefit and gain a healthy relationship with their employer. makes it easier for all.