How To Furnish Your First London Flat

Cheers to you on securing your first apartment! Now making your new flat a home is the fun part. As apartments are typically smaller than houses, you’ll want to choose the perfect furnishings that maximise your space while creating a luxurious, stylish haven that you truly love living in.

Knowing where to splurge and where to save is the most important rule for furnishing your first home and finding the right balance is no easy feat. 

Begin by focusing on key pieces – furniture that you use every day such as your sofa, bed, and dining table are furnishings you want to be splurging on. Decorative pieces like lamps and ornaments are items you should save on until you’ve decked out your home with the essentials first.

Whether you’re working with a small cosy space or a large open-plan space, read on to discover the essentials you’ll need to start furnishing your first apartment.


  • Dining table – Take the time to find the perfect dining set to fit your needs. If you love entertaining family & friends, consider utilising your space with an extendable dining table that pulls out when needed. 
  • Appliances – Fridge, washing machine and kettle are all essential for a modern kitchen. High quality electricals will last with a guaranteed warranty. 


  • Sofa – A big but important purchase for your new home. Keep it neutral to give a fresh, light look to your living room. Top tip: order ahead of time for your dream sofa to be delivered straight to your new pad as wait times are usually long… or grab a pre-loved bargain from a second hand website!
  • TV – Smart TV’s are equipped with streaming services so you can unwind and spend hours relaxing in front of the TV, watching your all-time favourite shows. 


  • Mattress – Invest in a high quality mattress that will give you the support and comfort you deserve. Memory foam mattresses are breathtakingly breathable and contour to your own body for a great night’s sleep. Think ahead, buy a hybrid mattress online and get it delivered directly to your new flat. 
  • Pillows & duvet – Sleep with the perfect pillow and duvet for five star sleep, night after night. Strike a happy medium with a naturally luxurious duvet suitable for all seasons. 
  • Bedding – Gentle, cosy bedding could be the difference between a mediocre night’s sleep and a dreamy, restful night of slumber. Wrap yourself in 100% bamboo bedding for silky soft bed sheets that glide over your skin as you sleep. 
  • Wardrobe – Whether you decide to invest in a luxe fully personalised wardrobe or opt for a minimal chic clothing rail, organising your clothes & shoes is a necessity.


  • Towels – Stylish, fluffy and cashmere-soft bamboo towels are perfect for giving luxury and eco-friendly vibes to your bathroom or guest bathrooms.
  • Bath rug – Step out of the tub onto a handwoven, ultra-absorbent bath rug to prevent soaking your whole bathroom.  
  • Other essentials – Bathroom bin, face cloths, toilet brush. These inexpensive basic bathroom items will definitely come in handy on the daily. 

Happy shopping!