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How to Improve Your Garden and Add Value to Your Home

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

Whether you’re actively selling or staying put for the foreseeable, it pays to add value to your home. Chances are you won’t live in one place forever, and when the time comes to advertise your property, you’ll want the price tag to be as high as possible.

It’s good practice to continually improve your home rather than feeling the need to do everything at once. This way, you’ll have less to worry about when you decide to sell and can spread the costs over a number of years.

One area of a property that’s too often neglected is its garden, but this is a great place to focus on if the aim is to add value. That’s because renovations are reasonably cheap and this is an instant way to improve your property’s kerb appeal.

Below, we look at a few simple tips to help achieve this.

Add a lick of paint

It’s far too easy to put off outdoor tasks until a later date, but our gardens are an area that often needs some TLC. There’s a tendency for trees and fencing to blow down when the weather is bad and for rain-ravaged paint to slowly peel.

That’s why we suggest looking for any obvious signs of neglect as a starting point. It’s amazing what a difference a freshly painted gate and white-washed wood can make. If there’s something that looks dilapidated or unloved, either remove it, repair it, or repaint it.

Inject some colour

Next up, it’s time to make your outdoor area look more aesthetically pleasing, and you can do this by adding flowers and foliage. This is achievable irrespective of its size, and even smaller spaces will benefit from a planter or two placed to either side of the door.

One way to create a cohesive and pulled-together look is to settle on a colour scheme. For example, you might opt for pink and white and then plant climbing roses, foxgloves, and snowdrops to bring your vision to life.

Cut the lawn

This one is super simple, but it can make a massive difference. Keeping your lawn in check will instantly make your space appear better kept and cared for. The same goes for clearing away any debris, such as fallen branches or damaged fence posts. However, you may want to leave a small area undisturbed for rewilding.

Create a cosy and comfortable seating area

Finally, try and turn your garden into a space that’s pleasant to spend time in. This may mean adding a seating area or sun house. Rattan garden furniture is often a good option. Available in various sizes and styles, it not only looks great but tends to withstand the worst ravages of the weather.

From u-shaped corner sofas with fire pit tables to more modest table and chair sets, there’s something to suit every outdoor space. By the time you’re done, the finished article should be somewhere that gives you the urge to sit down, relax, and enjoy your garden any time you look at it.