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Interesting Housing Alternatives to Beat the Crisis

The housing crisis has caused many of us to look for alternative ways of living that we might not have considered in the past. It’s now easy to find inspiration online for methods of living at a lower cost, so which of these options are worth considering?”

Working as a Digital Nomad

In the past, the idea of living as a digital nomad who works online while travelling the world was mainly about finding greater freedom and discovering new places while earning money. However, it now has to be looked at as a viable alternative that allows you to live in a country or region where housing is less expensive.

In addition, this could be part of an overall change to a modern, digital lifestyle. With many physical companies going online, there’s been a rise in remote job opportunities for anyone who likes the idea of working on a laptop anywhere in the world. Banking, graphic design, and video editing all have online possibilities while companies such as Airbnb and Coinbase have embraced working from home as part of their forward-thinking outlook.  Streaming and vlogging are also options people have found to work in the entertainment industry using the latest technology as they travel.

Working as a live casino dealer is another interesting idea that could fit this lifestyle. Click here for more info on casino sites that operate online, with leading names such as Pokerstars and Betfred joined by newer names in the industry. Here you can see which companies are offering live-dealer games to get an idea of their role in the industry, with a casino-focused take on live-streaming and interactivity. This growing industry is a terrific example of how a traditional type of business can move online and offer both digital entertainment opportunities as well as remote jobs.

Living on a Houseboat

The idea of living on a boat isn’t exactly new, as people have chosen to make their home on the water all over the world for many years. You need to start this exciting change of lifestyle by finding out your local authority’s rules for houseboats and where you can moor it without any problems.

There are many stories of Brits who have saved money by moving onto a boat, with Martin Walsh as one of the best examples. He decided to get away from London’s rising rental prices by living on a houseboat on the River Lee and the Regent’s Canal a couple of years ago. He now uses gas canisters for cooking and has to move his boat, called China Rose, every couple of weeks and says that he is happy, but that people should be aware of the maintenance work needed on boats before making this decision.

Sampling Vanlife in a Motorhome

For many people, living in a motorhome is a way of travelling comfortably and enjoying independent holidays, but for others, this has turned into a way of living better and without paying rent. The TV show Motorhoming with Merton & Webster explained how a vibrant community has been built up in the UK around this type of travel and how contemporary vehicles have more modern comforts than might be expected.

It’s possible to pay to stay in a camping site with facilities, while other people park on private property or look for free spots to leave their motorhome. Comedian Jojo Sutherland recently announced that she would be giving up her permanent home to travel the UK in a motorhome and attend gigs, while former EastEnder Adam Woodyat mentioned last year that this type of lifestyle suited him perfectly too.

These ways of avoiding the housing crisis and sky-high rents might not be right for everyone but they provide interesting alternatives that are well worth investigating if you want to save some money while discovering a new way of living.