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Moving house? Here’s why you should choose a newbuild

If you’re thinking of moving, you might also be facing the dilemma of whether to move into an older house or a new-build property. With over 205,000 new properties forecasted to be completed in 2022 alone, more houses are being built than ever before – so it’s a great time to think about buying one. In this guide, we’ll outline the main benefits of choosing a new property over an older one.

  1. No chain involved

There’s always one element of uncertainty removed when you choose to buy a new home: you won’t need to think about the seller’s end of the deal. Along with making the process much more efficient for you, this should also be attractive to any prospective buyers in the future. With no previous or existing owner, the house will be yours to own, cherish, and eventually sell.

  1. Your own blank canvas

Since no one has ever lived there before, you’ll be able to decorate and design your new home internally and externally exactly how you see fit. Whether you’re dreaming of art-deco furniture in your living room or using specialised bathroom paint to make sure every room has its own character, you’ll be the architect. You won’t need to worry about peeling back any terrible wallpaper, or ripping up any mouldy carpets – a new build house will be ready to feel like home, straight away.

  1. Improved energy efficiency

With the cost of living crisis in the UK leaving energy bills set to rise by a staggering 40% by October, it’s more important now than ever to seek a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle. In recent years, new build properties have not only been developed with their environmental impact as a priority, but they’re also more likely to be powered by renewable energy sources. Older properties, on the other hand, are often still tied to inefficient power sources including crude oil.

  1. No inherited issues

When you buy an older property, you receive it as a full package – and this includes any of its faults, quirks, and deep-rooted issues. From disruptive tree growth to dampness within the walls, the challenges that come hand-in-hand with buying an older property could potentially be expensive and time-consuming.

Newly built homes, however, won’t come with any hidden surprises. Thanks to the careful organisation, planning and contemporary construction standards, you’ll know exactly what to expect from a new home. Furthermore, many new homes also come with a guarantee – and these last up to ten years, depending on the property developer.

With a new build home, you’ll enjoy a space tailored to you, with reduced maintenance costs and increased safety and security thanks to modern technologies.