Renting Property Online: How to Do It Safely?

The Internet has made it easier for renters to find high-quality tenant leads. By placing your rental ads online, you can cost-effectively reach more people. Some listing websites would offer you free listings, while others might ask you to pay. No matter where you choose to post, there are a few tips that you can follow to rent your property online:

  • Choose an Effective Rental Listing Platform

You should find your city’s top listing rental sites and try posting your listing there. Also, try to post them across to as many platforms as possible.

  • Add Quality Photos

Photos are the most vital part of your listing. You should post at least one high-quality photograph of each room. They will help you justify higher prices and help you rent your property faster.

  • Attract Tenants with a Catchy Title

The title is the first thing in the listing that attracts the tenant’s attention. Try to include all the necessary information that they would like to know. You can mention the rent price, along with the number of rooms, type of property, and information regarding neighborhoods.

  • Set Your Rent Price

You should set your rent price by comparing it with the other units in your locality. New updates or renovations to your rental and the current rental market play an important role in deciding the rent price.

  • Include an Effective Property Description

An effective property description should mention the inclusions and exclusions, the date from which it is available, associated utility or security deposit, essential landmarks near the property, and contact details.

  • Set Expectations for Your Rental Process

Tell your tenants upfront about any required documents during the screening process. You might want to authorize tenants’ credit reports and perform background checks. This pre-screening will save your time and attract quality tenants at the start of the rental process.

Possible Dangers of Renting Property Online

People often mention the scams and disadvantages of finding a rental property online. But, do you know that there are dangers associated with renting your property online as well?

  • Your Information Is Available to Everyone on the Internet

Many rental websites make your listing available publicly or have an easy registration process. It means that your rental property information, along with your contact number, also becomes publicly available when you list your property. It might lead you to get a lot of spam/ advertisement calls, messages, and emails. Be careful about where you choose to post your information.

  • Too Many applications and Bad Tenants

Since many people use these websites, you might receive too many applications. It will make it difficult for you to select the tenant easily. You might also fall into the trap of a bad tenant who might keep delaying your payment every month or does not take care of your property properly.

Thus, you must perform a thorough background check of the tenant before finalizing them and handing them the keys.

  • Scammers and Hackers

It is a common problem that any user on the internet can face. With the increase in the number of cases, you must be careful about how they can take advantage of you. If the listing website does not have a strong security protocol, hackers might get into their system and grab information about you. Scam websites are also dangerous as people can collect your financial information by creating a fake website. They might even withdraw money from your account without your knowledge.

Having a reliable VPN installed on your system can safeguard you from scammers and hackers ( The additional layer of security provided by a VPN will encrypt all the data you transmit and prevent you from falling into any such traps.