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What to Know About Opening a Construction Company

(photo shoot 0920-044) The early stages of a construction project at the new Anthem - Lovell site in Walsall which will see new homes built on the site of an old factory.

The construction industry is a field that’s constantly in demand. In fact, it’s been booming since 2022 started as there has been a very high demand for new buildings. However, there’s more to construction than simply adding a new building to the block. A majority of the demand comes from the need of renovations for both commercial and residential properties. As more businesses are open and people move into new homes, they’re going to the need the services of a reputable construction company. You might be willing to open your own, but aren’t sure how to go about it. In this article, we’ll be going over what you need to know about opening a construction company.

Figure Out the Type of Company You Want to Be

Construction companies may share the same premise, but not all of them are the same. There are various types that cater to specific needs. Knowing how to secure your business will depend on what type of business you decide to be. Some companies may focus on residential properties while others choose to be simple contractors. Here’s a quick list of the type of construction companies you can choose from:

  • Engineering firms
  • Architecture firms
  • Design firms
  • Material suppliers
  • General contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Renovation contractors

Be sure to research each type of company, so you have a better idea of how each one works. Since this is only the beginning, you can take as long as you need until you come up with the best solution.

You Need to Have a Properly Equipped Fleet

No matter what type of company you choose to be, you’ll need to be properly equipped. Construction companies thrive off of being well-prepared ahead of time, especially when it comes to projects. This is where a majority of your investment is going to come into play. The first investment every construction company must have is a fleet. A fleet is a group of vehicles that’s used for a company’s benefit. It’s how you get to and from the construction site, deliver materials and meet with clients. This is, by far, the largest expense your company will make.

A commercialized fleet for a construction business can cost as least $50,000 to as much as $140,000 on average. That’s not counting the additional costs of the mandatory software, technology and insurance. Before your fleet can be operational, it must be outfitted with dash cams, ELDs, anti-lock brakes and tachographs. These are meant to compile data, which can help make your fleet drivers more efficient. Another thing that’s absolutely critical to have is GPS fleet tracking software. This is how you’re going to keep track of every driver. It’s a great way to see where everyone is and what they’re doing. GPS tracking systems also function as an anti-theft solution as it can allow you to pick up on strange signs, like idling and taking an odd route.

Another investment involves fleet insurance, which is an all-in-one type of policy for fleet vehicles. Instead of purchasing multiple policies, fleet insurance allows you to place as many vehicles as you want on just one. The cost of this insurance varies greatly; some may cost about $130 per car while others can be around $1,500. It really depends on the insurance company you decide to go with. To get the best price possible, make sure you take the time to compare insurance quotes. Construction companies are one of the most expensive industries to get involved in, so you’ll need to save money whenever you can.

The More You Work, the More You Build Up Your Reputation

Construction is labor intensive, which means there will always be demand for new companies. As long as people need homes built or repaired, contractors will be needed to do the work. The more you continue to complete projects and satisfy clients, your reputation gets a considerable boost. You must remain vigilant at all times if you’re hoping to climb up in the world of construction. You’d be amazed at how quickly a customer’s impression of you can change should something go wrong. If a worker starts slacking off this will reflect back on the company’s image as a whole. It is important to identify the soft skills interviewees need when you are seeking out employees as well as the experience they bring to the team. A few negative reviews should always be expected, but if you have more than positive reviews, you won’t get as many callbacks.