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When to Use a Nail Gun

Every professional and DIY hobbyist should have a nail gun in their toolkit, but when should you actually be using this tool? This post will look at when you should use this tool (as well as when you should not use it) as well as how you can safely use a nail gun so that you can always make the right decision and carry out the project safely.

How to Use a Nail Gun

Safety needs to be a priority with this type of tool because it can be dangerous. First, you should always buy from a quality brand, such as Dewalt nail guns. You should read the instructions for exact directions for use, but you should always make sure that the power supply is activated and that the gun is firmly against the surface that you want to pierce. You should also make sure that you are using the right kind of nails.

Common Mistakes

Bump-firing, which involves keeping the trigger pulled to allow for rapid-fire, is something that often leads to an injury, so you should always use a sequential trigger (one trigger pull for each shot). You should also be conscious of your spare hand and keep this away from the gun when firing. You should also always check your surroundings before firing a nail gun and ensure that no one is in the line of fire.

Do’s & Donts

Nail guns can be used on most materials, but you should always check the surface first for other nails, straps and hangers as these could cause an unexpected recoil. You should also always check for knots in wood before firing and make sure that you are using the right depth gauge for the material that you are using.

You also need to know when you should be using a hammer instead of a nail gun. It is best to use a hammer if you are nailing metal joinery or working with irregular lumbar. If you find that there is a knot, wire or pipe, you can take the nail out and put it somewhere else but a nail gun would force this through and this could cause a few different issues. Additionally, if working in a tight spot then a hammer might be better as the recoil could lead to uncontrolled firing.

A nail gun is a useful tool that every professional and amateur DIY hobbyist should have in their kit. This can also be a dangerous tool to use, though, so it is important that you know how to use the tool safely and when it is best to use (and when you should use a hammer instead). Hopefully, the information in this post will clear a few things up and help you to get the most out of your tool.