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Sports Athletes with the Most Expensive Homes

Pretty much everyone knows that professional sports is a lucrative business. What some may not realize, though, is how this level of wealth continues to grow.

There are indicators everywhere. Look at the salaries of professional athletes, and how they keep rising every year. Look at the endorsement deals they sign. Look at the side businesses they set up, and the type of investments they make and companies they buy into.

Heck, even look at sportsbooks willing to offer signup bonuses because they know interest in sports is so high, that the gift of free money guarantees repeat customers. And then go look at the partnerships that athletes and organizations alike have with sportsbooks themselves, as betting becomes more mainstream around the world.

Anyway, if you’re like many sports fans, you might wonder what athletes spend their earnings on. Cars? Boats? The latest tech? Private jets? Yes, to all of the above. But real estate is actually where it’s at. Star athletes aren’t just buying one home to live in; they often have multiples, many of them in exotic places.

Whether they’re long-term investments or homes in which they actually live, many of these properties are truly lucrative—the type that you can only dream about. You might not even believe some of them exist. But we’re here to show you that they do.

Take a look at the most expensive homes owned by pro athletes across all sports, as of the beginning of 2021.

1.   Tiger Woods (Golf)

Tiger Woods’ estate on Jupiter Island in Florida is a massive 9,000 square foot home that he spent boatloads of money renovating following his 2010 divorce. But don’t worry. He can afford it.

Not only is Wood one of the most handsomely paid athletes alive, but the house is now worth between $65 and $70 million, after he paid around $40 million for it in 2006.

2.   Greg Norman (Golf)

Here we have another golfer, who also happens to have his mansion on Jupiter Island in Florida. This isn’t much of a surprise. Jupiter Island is known as one of the most “executive” places to live in the United States.

Greg Norman purchased the property in 1991 for a reported $4.5 million. Fast forward to now, and it’s on the market for more than $65 million. Talk about a good investment.

“Greg Norman family mansion” by GNE is licensed under CC BY 3.0

3.   David Beckham (Soccer)

Seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady initially held the No. 3 spot on this list, but public records show that he sold his aquatic mansion to Dr. Dre. That leaves us to focus on David Beckham.

He and his wife, Victoria Beckham, somewhat recently purchased a four-story mansion located in the heart of Central London. The property is believed to have run them nearly $40 million.

4.   Alex Rodriguez (Baseball)

Alex Rodriguez may be retired from Major League Baseball, but he’s doing just fine for himself as an analyst. Currently, he’s one of the highest paid media members across all sports, bar none.

That’s great news for him, because he has a $28 million oceanfront mansion in Florida he has to upkeep. Rumor has it he has outfitted the entire perimeter of the property in 12-inch thick glass to protect it from hurricanes.

5.   Joe Montana (Football)

If you’re wondering whether football stars from a previous era made enough to support themselves long term, the answer is yes—at least in Joe Montana’s case.

The four-time Super Bowl champion has a mansion in California that overlooks the famed wine country. The $35 million estate has everything from a skeet shooting station and full basketball court to an entire olive farm.

“Joe Montana and his wife” by AP is licensed under CC BY 3.0

6.   Michael Jordan (Basketball)

Michael Jordan owns a $29 million mansion back where he made the biggest name for himself: Chicago, Illinois. However, he doesn’t intend to keep it.

His Airness has tried selling the massive property, which is replete with full tennis and basketball courts, for some time. To this point, despite multiple price changes, there have been no biters.

7.   Anna Kournikova (Tennis)

Anna Kournikova’ tennis career never reached the heights it was supposed to. Still, her celebrity status endured long after her game started to fall off. She is still one of the most recognizable pro athletes today.

Fame has compensated her well, too. Together with her partner, musician Enrique Inglesias, she purchased a $26 million mansion on a residential stretch known as “Millionaire Row” in Miami, Florida.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, it does have a tennis court.