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The Gas Certificate

What is a Gas Safety Certificate?

Gas Safety Certificates, also sometimes known as a CP12 or more simply a gas certificate, are routine safety checks of all fuel burning appliances within a property. The primary purpose of the inspection is to ensure that appliances within rental properties are safe to use but private households can also benefit from regular gas safety checks. 

Do I need to get one?

Whether you are legally required to get a gas certificate will depend on what you plan to do with your property. If you are looking to sell your property then a gas safety certificate is currently not a legal requirement. However, it is common practise for a buyer’s solicitor to request the certificate along with any boiler service history as part of their enquiries. If you already have a gas safety certificate you can save valuable time. 

For those who are looking to rent out a property, as well as existing landlords, you have a legal obligation to produce a valid gas safety certificate (if your property has fuel burning appliances). Typical appliances to be tested include boilers, cookers and hobs and gas fireplaces. If it is worth noting that all appliances that are connected to a gas or liquid petroleum gas (LPG) supply must be tested, regardless of whether the appliance is used or not. A valid certificate must be obtained before you can move tenants in to the property. 

Who is able to carry out the test?

In order to be fully compliant with gas safety standards, the test must be carried out by an engineer who is currently registered with the Gas Safe Register. Please note that the Gas Safe Register has replaced CORGI and is now the only regulatory body. 

Is my plumber able to do the inspection?

Given the serious nature of gas safety, it is important that whoever you appoint to carry out your inspection is fully qualified. Whilst many plumbers are qualified and Gas Safe Registered, this is not always the case and it is your responsibility to check their credentials. If you are not sure, ask the engineer for their Gas Safe ID card before you let them start work in your property. If you need further reassurance, you can always cross check the details they have given you with the Gas Safe Register website.  

What do the safety checks actually involve?

The gas certificate inspection is a physical inspection of all gas burning appliances, both gas and LPG, to check they are safe to use and there are no gas or carbon monoxide leaks. All flues are checked for any signs of blockages, as well as checks on the connections that supply gas to the appliances. 

What exactly is an ‘appliance’ and which appliances need to be checked?

If you have already browsed online to get an idea of prices, you will probably have noticed that a common question when booking is how many appliances you wish to have checked. For the purposes of the gas certificate, an appliance is considered one which is fuel burning. The most common examples are gas boilers, gas hobs, cookers and fireplaces (both gas and LPG). Many properties have a gas boiler and gas hob – in this scenario, an inspection on two appliances would be required. 

How long is a gas safety valid for? 

Any potential issues with your gas burning appliances can have very serious consequences. As a result, they must be checked regularly, so the gas certificate is valid for one year only. It is recommended that you make a note of the dates as it is the landlords responsibility to have the certificate renewed. Landlords are also required to keep at least the previous two years certificates. 

What are the penalties if I do not get one?

Knowingly renting a property without a valid gas certificate is considered a criminal offence and the penalties for doing so can be strong. Failing to comply with the legislation can lead to fines of up to £6,000 per breach, and/or 6 months imprisonment. Your insurance could be invalidated for non-compliance, and in serious cases, where there is loss of life, guilty parties could be charged with manslaughter.

How can I book a gas certificate inspection?

If you are looking for a quick, simple and cost effective way of ensuring that you are fully compliant with the regulations then get in contact with MyConstructor. Their price comparison booking platform which gives you access to a comprehensive network of Gas Safe Registered engineers. Read reviews from previous customers, check live engineer availability and see fixed prices before you book. Just enter the postcode and select the number of appliances, then book an appointment time that suits you!