Will Working From Home Become the New Norm?

Many people have argued that they’ll be able to work from home, and now they’ve made their case as the global pandemic has forced companies to shutdown and resume operations from remote locations. So, what does this mean? Could this mean that this is a new way forward? There’s a lot of uncertainty, and there’s also a lot that has to be looked at before this becomes a legitimate option. However; when looking at it from a different perspective, the main reason why we used to go to the office is that it’s a more suitable environment to do work.

In this segment, we’ll be taking a look at the impact of the effect of the pandemic on the property market, the home owners and the advantages of working from home.

The Change in the Real Estate Market

It’s no secret that the global economy has experienced a lot of damage in 2020 with many people losing their jobs and companies closing down; there are industries that have been neutralized. The real estate market has reported that the price of the property in the UK has dropped by 1.7% in a month, and this is the biggest fall in property value since 2001.

Even with property value dropping, nobody is willing to take the risk of making a large purchase in the midst of a pandemic and an economic recession; it just doesn’t make any sense to do that. Many are hoping that national lockdown restrictions will continue to be lifted and that the property market and the economy will be able to make a successful rebound.

When it comes to office space providers, the possibility of virus spread having a huge influence on the sector is quite high. This is because if the property market transitions as people opt to move to more rural or suburban regions, there’ll be less demand for office space. This will result in a forced adaptation that might not end well.

However, there are some advantages with the price of property falling, it could turn out to be a great investment for prospective buyers in the future. There’s also the option for office space to be renovated to something else, such as a hotel or a shopping mall.

The Advantages of Working from Home

With offices and retail properties being closed due to lockdown, an award-winning company called Company-X has given its employees laptops and has instructed them to work from home. However, this has been a common practice since the company was established in 2012 and the founders believe in giving their employees the freedom to work from wherever they like. This organization goes against the grain when it comes to its recruitment as it recommends current employees to refer potential team members as they’re already trusted.

There are plenty of perks when it comes to working from home, and while it may demand a great deal of discipline, it’s significantly better than commuting to an office on a daily basis. You’re also able to travel while working, and the constant change in scenery means that it’ll be much easier to maintain a positive attitude.

Casinos Transition to Online Platforms

While New Zealand has been COVID-19 free for over a month, and with one of the largest casinos, SkyCity Casino, been shut down due to the pandemic the casino has thought about the way forward and the possibility is there. The focus was shifted to its online version SkyCity Online Casino, a copy of the original look and feel just on the internet. Customers were engaged on the web platform to make up for the live experience they were missing out on. On the 5 stars reviewed SkyCity Online Casino. Live dealers are welcoming you instead of regular dealers and the reels of your favourite slot machines turn virtually. However, the winnings are real, here you won’t notice any difference!

Online casinos are also becoming more popular due to the convenience of being able to log into your casino account without having to schedule a trip to another city to visit a casino. However, there are a few cons, as most people visit casinos because of the ambiance, the restaurants, and the general vibe of the vicinity.

There’s a lot that needs to be considered before casinos choose to shut down permanently and move to an online platform. However, this could also mean that the properties could be converted into something better, such as a shopping mall or hotel.