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A time to take stock

By now I’m sure you’ve processed last week’s news that buyers and renters have been told to halt buying, selling and moving house in most cases. Whatever your position we have an opportunity to take stock – we’ve not got much choice –... Read more

A new kind of recession

It’s been another week of escalation – the number of coronavirus-linked deaths in the UK is 177 at the time of writing. The one positive is the government is finally taking this outbreak more seriously, with the £350bn stimulus package being... Read more

The coronavirus Budget

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a topic for this weekly opinion piece – not this week. It’s been a surreal one, with the Budget announcement coming in the middle of the global pandemic of COVID-19 and after an emergency 0.50% base rate... Read more

The base rate and Budget

It seems likely the Bank of England will cut interest rates this month, given that the Federal Reserve and Bank of Canada have both cut their respective interest rates. There are concerns that the threat of coronavirus could impact economic... Read more

Leasehold crackdown is music to my ears

I’m pleased the government is taking action against the ridiculous practices surrounding leaseholds, following the Competition and Markets Authority findings. The CMA is now completing the legal work to launch direct enforcement action against... Read more

New York and the dreaded Mansion Tax

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed my name wasn’t on the site quite as often as usual last week. That’s because I was visiting New York City for the first time. I saw the bright lights – the Empire State Building is still impressive 90... Read more

How helpful are house price indices?

A reader wrote in last week to tell me that Halifax’s claim that annual house price growth reached 4.1% in January doesn’t tally with what he’s seen. He told me that properties around Watford and Bournemouth have actually fallen in value by... Read more

Is the market doing enough for the self-employed?

The news that self-employed people find it harder to get a mortgage than those with bad credit comes as a surprise. Apparently just 76% of self-employed applications are approved, far less than those with bad credit (89%). It doesn’t seem to... Read more