Mortgage struggles and Capital Gains Tax

I was concerned to read that furloughed workers are increasingly struggling to get a mortgage. While taking on a new commitment like a mortgage does seem a bit reckless on furlough, you have to sympathise with existing mortgage holders unable to... Read more

To buy or not to buy?

The market is in a strange place at the moment, as Sarah Coles of Hargreaves Lansdown highlighted last week. It seems the desperation to beat the stamp duty holiday deadline could be causing people to panic buy, as competition drives investors... Read more

Why Prime London activity should surge

It seems likely that Prime London activity will be particularly strong in the next few months, owing to a number of factors. The stamp duty holiday has already had a big impact on sales of higher value properties. This makes sense, given that it... Read more

NatWest’s green mortgage is healthy competition

NatWest’s launch of a green mortgage last week means there are two big-hitting lenders competing in the same space. Barclays was the first UK lender to launch a green mortgage in 2018, so it’s healthy that two lenders could potentially drive... Read more

The three tiers

The government’s decision to split the country into three separate tiers of Covid-19 severity is the latest twist to affect the UK and its housing markets. It’s early days to predict exactly how much this will impact home moves in tiers 2 and... Read more

The Airbnb honeymoon period is ending

The HMRC probe into the tax affairs of Airbnb landlords marks the end of the honeymoon period for short-term rentals. Despite warnings from Apropos, I still think the short-term lettings market will remain lively despite the extra costs some... Read more

Why are we waiting?

Today I published an article about lengthy lender wait times, which have become a frustrating part of Covid life. Potentially buyers can miss out on a property purchase if they leave it late to apply for a mortgage, given that it can cost well... Read more