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Lending down in 2019

Mortgage lending fell by 1.1% to £265.8bn in 2019, likely reflecting the political uncertainty the UK faced. However 7.4% more mortgages were appr...

The anti-landlord Twitter brigade

One notable headline this week suggested that landlords regret investing in buy-to-let due to the increased regulations they face. Any landlords following the story on social media would need to be thick skinned. The Twitter response included... Read more

Is the market on the up or not?

It’s hard to know who to take seriously when looking at noises about the housing market so far in 2020. We’ve seen some upbeat reports and the odd negative one about whether there’s been a so-called ‘Boris bounce’ in people buying since... Read more

Will landlords really exit the market this year?

I was surprised to read a study saying a quarter of landlords plan to sell at least one of their properties this year. Apparently a succession of tax increases, shifts in House in Multiple Occupation licencing, new stipulations on the minimum... Read more

A well-earned Christmas break

After a busy couple of months, I’m sure landlords, agents and developers will be spending some well-earned time with loved ones this week. There’s a sense of calm before the storm, as Barratt Homes said last week the company is gearing up for... Read more

At least the General Election is over

It’s been a week dominated by the General Election – and whatever your political allegiance at least there’s an end to the political gridlock. It looks like Brexit is going to happen and, though I’ve never been a fan of it, at least we... Read more

General Election 2019: The moment of truth

Last week we heard about fresh developments from both Taylor Wimpey and Barratt Homes, which comes as a welcome reminder that not every property-based firm is being put off by the political instability that the UK has suffered for years now. We... Read more

The Conservative manifesto – more of the same?

The Conservative Party manifesto is a combination of more of the same and new ideas, some of which haven’t been fleshed out enough. The headline-grabber has been the creation of ‘long-term fixed rate mortgages’, where buyers (presumably... Read more