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Coping with working from home

Like many of you I’ve been working from home for some time now and the office has become a distant memory. Coping with the situation is quite a challenge for some, and based on some of the research I’ve seen some are better at working... Read more

A bad week for the government

Last week saw the government extend the tenant eviction ban by a further four weeks at the 11th hour – crowning a week of U-turns for Boris and co. after the A-Levels controversy. Perhaps the government was concerned that we’ll see a surge of... Read more

How Covid-19 is reshaping our workforce

It seems Covid-19 may have changed the way people operate for good, ending the trend of our workforce being tethered to their desks. Last week’s report headed by overseas property expert Simon Conn appeared to suggest as such. It focused on... Read more

How I moved house during the pandemic

On Friday I finally moved house – which has been a big relief after looking for a new place to live for the past couple of months (it has felt like years). In that time I’ve seen how the rental market has slowly opened up after the Covid-19... Read more