2020 Marking a Rise in Affordable Luxury

Lowering prices in manufacturing and tech in 2020 have led to what many industry spectators are considering a new golden age of affordable luxury. This growing trend is becoming the cornerstone of many new housing developments and remodelling projects, as illustrated by the recent upsurge seen within Dubai.

As noted by Digital Trends, Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world. Because of this, and its overall emphasis on progressive housing, we want to use Dubai as a base, to explore some of its avenues which illustrate affordable luxury, in just a few of its many forms.

Smart Home Tech

Formerly relegated to the realm of science fiction, smart home technology is now not just cheap, it’s also simple to install and understand. In basic terms, smart home technology refers to a line of different interconnected components of a home that talk to each other, offer advanced functionality, and are manageable from a distance.

In effect, this means you can create specific environments and tasks to suit your needs, whether you’re just about to arrive home, just about to get out of bed, or anything else. While this feature is still too rare to be standard, installation in homes with high standards in building codes like those offered in Dubai from Bayut is always a streamlined process. Keep in mind that reliable internet connectivity is an important factor here, as another reason why Dubai leads the pack.

Home Automation


Home Automation” (CC BY 2.0) by mikemacmarketing

Accessibility to Pools and Exercise Equipment

Being able to freely go for a swim or exercise without having physically travel to a gym is a key part of what most people would consider a luxury home. It is also one of the areas where modern cities like Dubai come out ahead of their contemporaries.

The problem with these features is that, unless people buy a home and have a substantial budget to work with, they’re usually going to have to go without. This has been addressed so successfully by the likes of Dubai in that modern planners in apartments are increasingly organising these luxurious components of a home into a centralised area.

Aiding in this is that prices for technology relating to exercise equipment and pools have reduced significantly over the last few years. This reduction in cost has developers far more likely to include pools and exercise areas as standard, allowing greater luxury at a fraction of the traditional cost.

Entertainment Systems

Another crucial part of the modern idea of affordable luxury comes from the reduction of costs which developed cities like Dubai have seen in entertainment technologies. In a direct sense, this could be illustrated in television price per square inch, which is around a third of what it was just 20 years ago, as noted by CNET.

Also factor in the advanced features of newer devices, and the fact that they take up a far smaller amount of volume, and it perhaps no surprise that more homes than ever have dedicated entertainment rooms. It’s also now easily possible to include larger and high-quality devices in secondary areas, giving opportunities from anywhere, and for multiple people.

Samsung Curved UHD TV

Samsung Curved UHD TV” (CC BY 2.0) by Janitors

Looking at the bigger picture, it’s important to note that while Dubai might be at the forefront of the affordable luxury trend, it’s far from the only name in the game. In reality, any sufficiently advanced city, apartment block, or housing development will offer similar opportunities. Taking advantage of this new world is simply a matter of exploring new opportunities, and carefully measuring the new and expanding possibilities that the 2020s represent.