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New landlord group to launch education programs

The founders of the new ‘Landlord Leaders Community’, convened by OSB Group, have unveiled plans to focus on education and training at an inaugural event.

The group will establish education programs and guides for landlords, as well as collaborate with industry associations, government bodies and educational instructions.

Secondly there will be a focus on communication, as landlords will be encouraged to use digital platforms, while the group will help create a ‘standardised communication system’ between landlords and tenants, as well as any other stakeholders.

Collaboration will also be key, as a landlord forum will be stablished to keep dialogue open, while the group will focus on driving a positive industry perception.

Jon Hall, Group, managing director, mortgages and savings, OSB Group, said: “The Landlord Leaders community stands at the forefront of a transformative journey within the private sector, and as a founding member, we’re delighted to deliver this mission statement outlining our ongoing commitment to continue to develop a positive change within the private rented sector for all stakeholders.

“The prevailing sentiment from the discussion was that the but-to-let sector is not dead, in fact, far from it. There are opportunities for us to make more of, and the current shifts in the market will allow those who are truly passionate about positive change to thrive. A sustainable future for the industry is not possible without collaboration and education for everyone, no matter what role they play.

“As part of the Landlord Leaders Community, OSB Group are committed to continue our strong support for the creation of a positive future for the private rented sector.”

The group described the industry as a fragmented one, meaning there is a need to encourage more communication and collaboration.