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Heat pump manufacturer: Sunak is wrong as the technology is there

Heat pump manufacturer NIBE Energy has spoken out against Richi Sunak’s move to drop or abandon Net Zero policies.

One such policy was to delay the phasing out of off-grid boiler installations from 2030 until 2035, as well as add an exemption for the 20% poorest families.

A NIBE spokesman said: “We are exasperated by the Prime Minister’s decision to delay the phase out of fossil fuel boilers in off grid homes and strongly disagree with the notion that the technology needed isn’t ready. Heat pumps represent a viable solution that can help us achieve Net Zero -a target that should be a top priority without hesitation or delay.

“Additionally, while the increase in funding for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme aligns with our advocacy efforts, it is just one of many necessary steps. For example, ground source heat pumps are a logical solution in off-grid homes using high carbon fossil fuels, yet the scheme covers a lower percentage of their costs compared to other technologies.

“Moreover, policy certainty is crucial not only to industry but installers who need confidence in the direction of the market. The decision to backtrack on targets sends all the wrong signals at a time when we need the green light to pave the way for a net zero future.”

The government does offer a boiler upgrade scheme, which has been expanded by Sunak, in an apparent olive branch.

Previously the boiler upgrade scheme offered grants of £5,000 towards an air source heat pump, or £6,000 towards a ground source heat pump.

The grant amount is now being extended to offer £7,500.