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Haringey council has handed over £200,000 of fines to landlords with unlicensed HMOs

Haringey landlords who have failed to license their houses in multiple occupation (HMO) have been issued with fines amounting to £207,500 to date.

Some 59 warnings were given to landlords who rented out their unlicensed to at least three people who are not from the same household but share facilities like a bathroom and kitchen, of which 43 resulted in fines.

Cllr Sarah Williams, cabinet member for housing services, private renters and planning, said: “We will do everything in our power to protect our residents in the private rented sector in Haringey. Our HMO licensing scheme provides us with an even better platform to do this.

“Whilst we continue this journey to improve housing standards across the borough, we will fight for renters’ rights and ensure residents across Haringey live in homes that are well managed, of good quality and most of all, safe.

“As shown with this case, landlords who fail to comply will face tough enforcement action. Rogue landlords will not be tolerated in Haringey.”

Haringey Council has been able to target landlords who do not fulfil their legal responsibilities by using Civil Penalty Notices (CPN), while the council also has the power to make landlords return rent to tenants.