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Liz Truss’s housing minister returns

Lee Rowley has got his job back as housing minister after previously holding the role in Liz Truss’s ill-fated government.

The MP for North East Derbyshire was last housing minister between September and October 2022.

There was a lengthy delay after it was announced that the previous housing minister Rachel Maclean was sacked earlier today, as other ministers reportedly turned down the role.

Maclean held the role between February and November, a relatively long stint compared to other recent incumbents.

Before he became an MP Rowley worked in financial services and management consultancy, holding positions at Barclays, KPMG, Santander UK, and Co-op Insurance.

This latest development means Rowley is the 13th and 16th housing minister since 2010.

Lawrence Turner, director of Boyer (part of Leaders Romans Group), said: “As Lee Rowley takes office, it is imperative that he/she urgently address the issue of nutrient neutrality to unlock much needed housing delivery in the country. A solution to nutrient neutrality is a crucial aspect of unlocking the estimated 150,000 homes that are delayed in the planning system. Nutrient neutrality is the single most significant block on housing development in the UK. A failure to tackle this problem is delaying the delivery of at least 45,000 much-needed affordable homes.

“As the Planning Minister, Rowley must prioritise tackling the housing crisis and delivering sustainable housing development closer to where people live and work. This means taking bold steps to address the shortage of affordable housing, as well as promoting the construction of new settlements to accommodate a growing population. Greater focus should also be placed on the sustainable release of Green Belt land, as well as the development of well-designed housing to meet the diverse needs of the population.

“It is essential for Rowley to take decisive action in reshaping the housing landscape in the UK by working closely with local authorities, developers and local communities. By addressing nutrient neutrality and focusing on sustainable housing development, Rowley has the opportunity to demonstrate strong leadership in balancing the needs of the community and conserving the role of the Green Belt.”