Principle offers landlords free property ‘health check’ ahead of regulations

Landlords worried about the new Renters Reform Bill and economic pressures have been offered a free property health check by Principle Estate Management.

Lauren O’Brien, head of lettings at Principle, urged landlords to contact her after Goodlord found that nearly 60% of landlords are pessimistic, with 47% of them either trying to offload properties or considering doing so in the last 12 months.

Some 80% of letting agents expect more landlords to leave the sector in the next 12 months.

O’Brien said: “The new measures introduced by the Renters Reform Bill, plus the various implications of the new energy performance certificate (EPC) rules, has led to one of the most pessimistic surveys for years.

“Once this is combined with the general economic pressures resulting from high interest rates, the Ukraine war and other global issues, landlords are feeling decidedly gloomy, as reflected in Goodlord’s report.

“But while these are uncertain times, Principle Estate Management is ready to help by offering a free property health check to ensure that landlords are compliant to all the new legislation and regulatory changes.

“We can also advise landlords to fully understand their concerns and to take the right administrative and operational actions to make sure that their property investments remain healthy.

“Change happens, and the only way to cope with it is to make sure you are smack up to date with the best ways to position your properties and the way that they are managed.”

Nearly half of all letting agents and landlords believed the introduction of new rolling contracts in the Renters Reform Bill will have a negative impact.

Meanwhile, 43% of landlords believed the introduction of an ombudsman will negatively impact the sector.

Anyone interested in a free property health check should contact Ms O’Brien by emailing her at