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How to deal with pets after Renters Reform Bill

With the upcoming Renters Reform Bill meaning landlords will have to let tenants keep pets in their properties, Thomas Bird of Fabric Online has put together a guide on how to pet-proof and preserve furniture.

He said: “Renters across the country will be overjoyed at the news that the housing pool has grown larger for themselves and their furry friends. This means people will be able to relocate to housing that better suits their needs, whether in terms of location or quality. 

“Unfortunately, this is likely to be accompanied by rental hikes and pet insurance requirements, especially in furnished properties. Luckily, there are several easy and affordable ways you can protect the furniture and fabrics in your home from animals, saving on these costs.”

7 Ways Tenants Can Protect Your Furniture From Pets

  1. Furniture Covers

One of the easiest ways to protect your furniture from pets, liquids and any other harm is by covering it. This can extend the lifespan of your items by years, with the fabric remaining untouched and in perfect condition. These covers can also be a great investment as the quality of the furniture does not decrease, meaning you can easily resell it or maintain it for years.

  1. Choose Durable Materials 

Several furniture fabrics are more pet friendly than others. Top choices for pet owners include materials like leather, synthetic fabrics and low-pile fabrics, as these are all tightly woven or claw-resistant, making them excellent choices. 

Alternatively, the fabrics you should avoid are velvet and tweed. Velvet crushes easily and is difficult to clean, meaning any stains could ruin your sofa. Similarly, tweed uses an open weave, meaning cats or other playful animals may treat the loops as a toy, destroying your sofa in the process. Fur, dirt and debris are also likely to get trapped in the weave, making this one of the least pet-friendly fabrics available.

  1. Colour Matching

Those in unfurnished accommodation might consider purchasing a sofa that is the same colour as their pet’s fur. This means any pet hair is less likely to show up, with patterned sofas also a good choice, as the design can camouflage any hairs or damage.

  1. Specialist Products

All pet owners should stock up on products designed for the purpose of cleaning any pet hair or damage. These include brushes designed to clean pet hair, vacuums and lint rollers, which can quickly and affordably remove hair. 

Products like Zoflora are also a great way to mask any smells, but these need to dry before they are pet-safe.

  1. Cat-Proof Your Sofa

Unfortunately, cats often utilise sofas as scratching posts. One of the best ways to prevent this is either by encouraging them to use their own scratching posts or using a deterrent, like apple cider vinegar. This product not only helps clean your furniture and is harmless to pets, but can discourage them from scratching the area due to the smell.

  1. Treat Your Sofa

There are several affordable treatments you can purchase to protect your furniture from the elements and your pets. These work by forming a barrier between your furniture and the outside world, meaning any stains or debris will not soak into the fabric. Just make sure not to let your pets or children near until the liquid dries.

  1. Designated Furniture

In 2923, pet furniture is widely available, affordable and popular. These units mean your pet can relax in comfort without impacting the quality or condition of your furniture. You can also purchase them in a range of designs and styles, meaning your house is on trend and pet-friendlier than ever.