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Rogue tenants leave “mountain of trash” at property

A landlord was devastated to find his tenants caused around £20,000 worth of property damage – including mountains of rubbish, dog urine on the walls, and ripped up floorboards, The Liverpool Echo reports.

A family moved into the semi-detached property at Eastham, Wirral, in February, but when estate agents and the property manager inspected the home after six months they found lodgers staying with the family and nappies all over the floor.

Picture credit: Aydin Guner

The owner, 37 year old Aydin Guner, filed a Section 21 notice in October 2022, but the family refused to leave, leaving Aydin and the property manager with no choice but to issue a court order to remove them with a writ of possession.

The tenants also stopped paying the rent after eight months.

Bailiff’s attended the home on Tuesday, May 30, and Aydin was devastated to see how much damage had been done to the property.

He told The ECHO: “They had a mountain of trash outside which attracted rats. There was a washing machine that was leaking that had rotted the side of the utility wall. It was all black and I don’t know how long it was leaking for.

Picture credit: Aydin Guner

“The floorboards were all ripped up, the pool table was trashed and there was dog wee all over the walls. The bailiffs said they have never seen anything this bad.

“The kitchen cupboards were all chewed up and there was mud everywhere. The garden doesn’t look like a garden anymore, it looks like a wasteland. It looked like they never cleaned the whole time they were there.”

The landlord said it will cost him £20,000 to repair the home, while he lost around £6,000 in rent.

After the disaster Guner plans to list the property on Airbnb once he’s fixed it up, a process he expects to take two to three months.