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Tenants with friendly landlord relationship more likely to accept rent rises

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More than a third (36%) of all tenants would both renew their contract and accept a rent increase if they had a positive relationship with their landlord, research from Uswitch shows.

However only half of tenants would renew their contract, but only without a rent increase.

In terms of establishing a good relationship, communication was determined to be the most important, with seven in ten (71%) tenants selecting it, and half (51%) of landlords agreeing.

Almost nine in ten (89%) tenants answered that they trust their landlord to try their best to solve any issues related to the property.

Meanwhile over half of all tenants surveyed (56%) reported that they had not had any disputes with their landlords, whether about maintenance, communication, or other issues.

Kellie Steed, buy-to-let mortgages expert, said: “It is clear from our survey data that tenants place a lot of importance on the positive values that go into a successful landlord-tenant relationship.

“The top five qualities were all selected by more than half of the tenants surveyed, and it is these positive relationship building blocks that have influenced 36% to consider renewing their contract on a higher rent.”

She provided tips for landlords to establish a positive relationship with tenants.

  • Set clear expectations: The best way to avoid any bumps down the road is to be clear with your expectations from the get-go. Whether this is the timing for rent payments, or your understanding of fair wear-and-tear, it’s important that you are upfront with what you expect of your tenants.
  • Be consistently reliable: Our survey data shows that tenants place high value on communication in the landlord-tenant relationship, so it’s important that you are reachable. Make sure your tenants know how to contact you, and when it’s appropriate to do so. The knowledge that they can approach you with any questions or problems will reassure your tenants that their rented home is in safe hands.
  • Treat tenants with respect: Giving tenants as much notice of visits as possible, communicating appropriately, and fixing issues after they are first reported, are all actions that will help build a respectful – and therefore successful – relationship with your tenant. By showing respect to your tenants, it is more likely they will act respectfully in return, towards you and your property.”