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Festive money-saving decorating tips to add value to your home

Brits looking to sell homes in the new year after feeling the crunch can look to advice from experts who say ‘less is more’ when it comes to Christmas decorating.

With the widespread energy crisis causing Brits to tighten their purse strings and the government hiking interest rates, advice from the home improvement experts at Stormclad is to ditch the tack in favour of modest, minimal and understated décor to turn the heads of prospective homebuyers and potentially nudge house prices in the right direction.

Managing director at Stormclad, Rob Dawson, said: “Alongside the obvious cost of living challenges we’re all facing, which may be causing homeowners to rethink decorating habits, swapping big, bold and bright statement lights for simple, tasteful furnishings, is a worthwhile investment if you’re wanting to increase the attractiveness of your property during the Christmas period and of course, for the future.

“We understand that this is a difficult time for homeowners, but the festive season is the perfect time to showcase sparkle to turn the heads of buyers looking to snap up.”

From energy saving inspiration, to tactful lighting suggestions, and options for economically upgrading the front of properties, small changes in the way homeowners decorate this Christmas can do wonders for kerb appeal and piquing the interest of homebuyers.

Here are Stormclad’s five festive frugal decorating tips:

Turn the lights down

While colourful flashing lights may mark the start of Christmas cheer and a season of celebrations – they’re not often to everyone’s taste, and can result in an expensive electricity bill. Many may perceive them to be overly garish and distracting, causing people to look at your home for the wrong reasons. Instead, opting for warm twinkly white or neutral lighting is the best option to showcase your home and ensure it’s at its most aesthetically appealing.

Keep Santa under wraps

Santa is synonymous with Christmas, and while we all know his friendly face, we advise leaving the large Santa Clause decorations in the shop or garage this year, to avoid cheapening the look and feel of your home by going overboard with any tacky decorations. The same goes for Rudolph statues or any of Santa’s friends.

Be stingy with exterior decorations

Alongside keeping Santa’s in the cupboard, it’s important to be thoughtful with any other exterior décor, opting for neutral colour palette’s that match and a more minimal and tasteful approach for the frontage of a property. By doing this, you will allow standout features such as windows, doors, conservatories and porches to shine.

Simple is sensible

Don’t overcomplicate décor – take a look at your house from the pavement and weigh up its strengths and weaknesses before planning your furnishings. Think about simple decorations that will make the most of the front, as well as any interior spaces that are visible from the street. Simplicity is key, and this will also ensure, at a time when many of us are more mindful of spending, that festive decorating needn’t break the bank.

Have a seasonal spruce up

Christmas is a great time for a seasonal clean of the home. You can do this by painting doorways, cleaning windows, mowing the lawn and pressure washing the drive. As well as looking attractive to buyers, it will look lovely and fresh when you have guests over for the festive season.

Small home improvements at this time can also make a drastic difference to the attractiveness of a property, creating a positive first impression to homebuyers. Simply upgrading the front door, and windows or adding outdoor lighting, can increase the appeal of your property resulting in an increase in value.