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Guest Blog: How to Set Up an Outdoor Space That Reflects Your Personality

There is no hiding that when it comes to rental properties, making a house feel like a home can be a pretty arduous job. In fact, it is likely that your artistic flair will have very little opportunity to shine. Unless you are ready to run up against hefty deductions from your deposit, the uninspiring ochre living room wall will have to stay that colour, and your dream of giving the lounge a more tasteful coat of paint will inevitably have to fade. Some owners will even stand in the way of you trying to adorn the house with posters or paintings that you are particularly fond of, for there is a chance that nails and nano tapes will leave indelible marks on those ‘stunning’ walls. In short, most changes you’d like to make to render your indoor space more personal will need approval from your landlord first – and, sadly, they will not always show you the green light.

That said, your outdoor space could represent a completely different kettle of fish. Indeed, you may be granted considerably more leeway with the outdoors due to the fact that most implementations are not permanent, and can thus also easily move out with you when the time comes. This will allow your creativity to slowly emerge from hibernation and will offer you the opportunity to really express yourself. Here are a few ideas on how to go about giving outdoor areas your own magic touch without challenging your landlord’s leniency.

Outdoor rugs

If the tint of your rented house’s interior is not particularly to your liking, you can get your own back by brightening and bringing your backyard to life with a colourful outdoor rug that matches your personality. Inexpensive and usually woven from durable fibres, it is not fazed by the unpredictable British weather and disguises any chipped or ruined decks.

Flower and plant pots

Gardens, and the outdoors more in general, are often synonymous with plants and flowers. So why not embellish your outdoor space with sprouting pots? As you are probably not allowed to pin up paintings such as Monet’s flowery works, growing your own plants could be a creative way of personalising the look of your house. If you do not have much space to play with, think vertically: attach small pots to your fence and create your own miniature ‘hanging gardens of Babylon’.

Fairy lights or solar-powered lighting

Add glow to your outdoor space by surrounding the patio with fairy lights or solar-powered lighting. Strike them across the garden and let them work their magic. This way, you will be able to sip a glass of wine at dusk immersed in a truly atmospheric setting.

Outdoor heater

While you enjoy your well-deserved drink, you may start to feel a bit chilly as the sun bids farewell for the day. This is why an outdoor heater would be a great addition to your backyard. As the current global situation still requires us to stay on our toes, it will allow you to spend some extra precious time outdoors in the company of friends and family, and truly enjoy the special space you have created.

Freestanding planters

If you believe you have a green thumb and enjoy growing your own vegetables, freestanding planters may be just what you need. When renting a house, hoeing and digging holes in the garden

may not be an activity that your landlord will gladly agree to. In that case, some vertical planters to cultivate your cucumbers and tomatoes could be a small investment definitely worth considering. It would be a stylish and modern way to give your outdoor space a healthy vibe in step with the times.


If you are looking to give your house a slight exotic tone, perhaps mindful of a heavenly holiday you spent in an unspoilt coastal location, what better idea than hanging a hammock in your garden on which to lie, swing, snooze, or read a book? Whilst waiting for you to jump on it whenever you are in need of a moment of relaxation, it will provide a perfect decorative touch to your outdoor area and will add personality to your rented house. In all honesty, it will probably make your neighbours desperately want to buy one too.

Having to abide by the rules of a rental property may frustrate an imaginative tenant in the long run, but it needn’t be that way. By following these suggestions, you can still set up a space that can help reflect your true persona, ultimately leaving both yourself and your landlord happy and on good terms.