Lendlord Introduces ‘Buy To Sell’ Deal Analyser

Lendlord has introduced a new ‘Buy to Sell’ deal analyser to help landlords make better choices when looking for finance.

Available on the Lendlord platform, the Buy to Sell deal analyser is an addition to the existing property rental deal analyser and can help property investors analyse new Buy to Sell projects, understand their finance needs and apply online for bridging finance all on the same platform.

Additionally, Lendlord users will be able to save the deal details, compare several prospect properties, receive insights in the area and on the property, and eventually use Lendlord as their own form of partial CRM system to track the process of purchasing the property.

Lendlord users who analyse deals using the platform will be able to quickly review their bridging finance options using the Lendlord online bridging lender, based on the deal details and the other data already held on their Lendlord portfolio spreadsheet.

Aviram Shahar, co-founder and CEO at Lendlord, said: “This new launch and the combination of deal analysis with sourcing suitable finance comes at a very exciting time for both Lendlord and the UK property market. Following the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, both sales and rental markets are going through the roof and landlords can benefit from a rising property market when undertaking Buy to Sell projects.”

Lendlord provides property investors with an online platform to manage and track their portfolio details, data, and performance, whilst also identifying finance and capital raising opportunities based on a user’s specific profile.

Since its launch last year, Lendlord has helped thousands of landlords to improve the bottom line of their investments by delivering smart and intelligent data and insights to support landlords in making wise investment choices, which in turn empowers them in growing high-performing, efficient, optimised, and therefore healthy portfolios.