Property Website Launches New Features for Buyers

Slam Ai Club, a property website powered by artificial intelligence, has launched several new innovative search features making the property searches even easier for buyers.

These search functions include the ability to identify properties via image search; by energy performance certificate rating; by crime report; and whether a property has been undervalued or overvalued by comparing the AI valuation with that of the agents.  

Users on Slam Ai Club can browse for properties using the bespoke image search. Buyers can identify an image of a property on the site and then search for similar pictures of other listings in a defined area.  This search function is powered by artificial intelligence which uses shapes, patterns, colours and gradients to match photos.  

As well as the property image search, viewers can also search for properties by their energy performance certificate (EPC) another function not available on competitive sites. The website’s algorithm will now also display the latest crime reports for the area giving a brief background description to the incident.  

Inspired by the information sharing social networks such as Wikipedia, Slam Ai Club aims to connect users by providing accurate and transparent real estate data which is accessible to everyone, rather than a select few giant property websites or agents.

Through custom-designed algorithms, Slam Ai Club can estimate the value of any property and buyers can use the Slam Ai Club portal to identify homes which are both underpriced or overpriced by comparing the AI’s valuation for a property to that of the estate agents.   

The algorithm used on the site considers a wide range of factors to predict property prices including transaction data from Land Registry since 1995, geo-location data from Google and Royal Mail databases, financial markets data and records from the office of national statistics. The AI that powers the website also evolves as more sales are completed. 

Home buyers can record properties they have visited and add descriptions, notes and photos and the portal can also be used to create shortlist of properties and record property values. 

Property owners looking to sell or let a property can do so directly through the website, without needing an agent. It need not spell the end of the estate agent though as many may choose to add it to their exiting suite of customer services.