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End of Tenancy Cleaning London

Looking to have an end of tenancy cleaning in your place of residence? Live in London?  Look no further: we have a simple guide for everything that you can expect while preparing to move.

What is an End of Tenancy Cleaning?

For an end of tenancy cleaning, you will need to restore your apartment to its original conditions so that it is ready for the next round of tenants. This requires a deep cleaning of the apartment, which requires time, some level of expertise, and the correct cleaning materials.

It is for these reasons that many people, although not required by law, simply hire a professional to do the cleaning.  Doing so can save time, stress, and sometimes money— if the professional cleaner does a great job, after all, you can rest assured that you will receive your deposit for the lease back!

What needs to be done for an End of Tenancy Cleaning London?

Some general pointers for a deep-clean include the following:

  • All floors and windows must be wiped down.
  • Electrical outlets and other electronics must be carefully cleaned.
  • Don’t neglect to clean the hallways and entry-way.
  • Be sure to clean hard to reach spaces, such as the tops of doors and behind furniture.


When deep-cleaning the kitchen, one must be especially careful to rid the area of bacteria.

Moreover, removing all the built up grime, dirt, and mold can be a difficult task without the proper equipment and cleaning materials.

When deep-cleaning the kitchen, the following tasks should be completed:

  • Degrease and thoroughly clean the stove, oven (interior and exterior), and other various kitchen appliances you frequently use.  
  • When cleaning out the refrigerator and freezer, remove old food particles, any food splashes, and mold. 
  • If you have a kettle or a coffee machine, these should be descaled with a vinegar-based solution. 
  • If you have one, the dishwasher should also be cleaned thoroughly.  Because water runs through the dishwasher while it is in use, it can be easy for bacteria to build up.


Like the kitchen, the bathroom also requires additional attention and effort to clean.  As a space that is frequently used, it’s very easy for bacteria to build up in this room.

When deep-cleaning the bathroom, one must be sure to:

  • Disinfect, clean, and polish all surfaces (especially in between the tiles).
  • Make sure that the drain to the shower or bath is not clogged.
  • Clear any existing grime and limescale buildup from the faucet and other metals. This can be difficult without the proper equipment.
  • Clean the extractor fans, ensuring that all built-up dust has been removed.
  • If you have a washing machine or dryer, be sure to clean the machine’s interior to rid the appliance of stubborn molds.

As such pointers show, an end of tenancy cleaning London can be a long process, especially if you are not a trained professional. When planning your move, keep these steps in mind, or consider calling a professional.

End of Tenancy Cleaning London costs

If you have your apartment professionally cleaned, prices for the job depend on a number of factors, including the size of the property and the professional doing the work.

Here’s an amount you can roughly expect to pay based on the size of the property.  For the most accurate estimate possible, ask for a quote beforehand directly from a professional.

  • Studio apartment from approximately 90 – 100 £.
  • 1 bedroom apartment from approximately 100-130 £.
  • 2 bedroom apartment from approximately 130 -160 £.
  • 3 bedroom apartment from approximately 160 – 195 £.

Note that some procedures, like cleaning the exterior windows, upholstery, and carpets, are procedures you can go to other professionals for if you would also like them done for an additional cost. Before booking a professional for end of tenancy cleaning it may be worth speaking to your landlord beforehand to see if such tasks are necessary to get the full-deposit back, as some wear-and-tear with these items is to be expected.

Why Choose Us For An End of Tenancy Cleaning London?

Finding a trusted professional can be a difficult  task, especially if you are new to a city. That’s why is here to help! 

You can find a list of experienced cleaners in London on our website, where you may contact them and get a quote for your property up-front.  This can give you peace of mind that you’ll get quality service at a reasonable rate the next time you move out.