Even more pool reward than you expected!

We officially arrived in December! This is an important month for us as we register with Digitex, increase the number of available markets, launch the market without commissions, and implement some programs that allow you to earn passive income from cryptocurrencies.

Maybe I know we’ve improved our flag on the freeways. We started changing the name, changing everything to Duty X City. All emails Mailing addresses will be immediately available in the “city address” directory.

Be careful as there are external programs that want to use this system effectively. Remember, don’t ask Digitax to be left alone or send money. Now let’s see where to change the payment system.

Our current dealers

Platform vendors are interested in what will happen when we officially open the Digitex door on December 15th. Once you have entered the DFE, you will be automatically redirected to the Digitex City trading area (trade.digitexcity.com), while you can continue trading in the downstream market with the same DGTX balance.

Once there, you will find new DUSD markets operating on futures, currencies, and units. They work in conjunction with existing DGTX markets. You will also find a number of exciting new features such as Digitex Connect, DUSD Sustainable Builder, Mining Load Application (20x) for all our markets, incentives, and a new social platform. So, be sure to look around and tell us what you think.

But for our current traders, there is a minimal barrier to trading as usual, and everything will be transferred to Digitex City on December 15th. Please note that during this beta we will be happy to detect bugs and appreciate your help to help us detect and correct violations as soon as possible. Billiards will receive more awards this month.

Get started with Digitex City and this month’s pool prices

Other interesting news: The DGTX Rewards program has managed through Uniswap to create a very flexible marketplace with a DGTX order backlog of USD 1.7 million. AMERICAN DOLLAR. There are currently more than 300 holders in the DGTX Awards wallet with an average price of 6,000 USD (split between ETH and DGTX). We plan to offer many more premium programs this month.

Read the following information:

DGTX LINK is a balancer this rewards program is similar to the current Uniswap program. However, this group is designed for LINK audiences to attract new users to Digitex City.

DUSD USDC Uniswap a stable combination of coins with a very safe and reliable investment that will bring you generous rewards without problems of instability. This is probably one of our favorite offers.

DGTX DUSD at Uniswap this fund is designed to meet the final demand for DGTX. It works just like the other two programs, as does our current Uniswap Rewards Program, which has a generous APY that varies over time depending on the number of participants.

All of these premium programs are required by DUSD and, as you know, our ultimate goal DGTKS. Prices are paid daily by DGTKS. The more deposits you have, the more money you will earn. At the end of this month, we are offering four different DGTKS Pool Rewards programs where you can win generous prizes.