Feature: The Top TikTok Ikea Hacks You Need to Know Now

With the latest wave of Ikea hacks taking the TikTok world by storm, the DIY experts at Harris Brushes have analysed the top 5 home hacks to help you create the room of your dreams this year.

Key Findings

  • #IkeaHack is currently boasting 970.4 million views on TikTok
  • Searches for ‘Ikea Hacks’ are also up by 140% and ‘Home Décor Items’ up by 120% according to Google Trends data
  • Heavily inspired by Stacey Solomon’s Instagram Story ‘Mirror Hack’ #IkeaMirrorHack currently has 22.3 million views on TikTok
  • Fluted dressers, Ikea storage units and custom vases are among the ‘interior hacks’ currently trending on the platform.

With #IkeaHack boasting 970.4 million views on TikTok, it’s clear that Ikea is currently dominating the world of social media, with users showcasing their inventive Ikea home décor hacks globally. Searches for ‘Ikea Hacks’ are also up by 140% and ‘Home Décor Items’ up by 120% according to Google Trends data, demonstrating the rise in demand for these simple yet extremely aesthetically pleasing life hacks for the home.

From the stunning yet budget-friendly mirror wall hack inspired by interior decorating icon Stacey Solomon to the incredibly creative upcycled dressing tables enhancing our TikTok feeds, the possibilities with Ikea décor items and Ikea home furniture appear to be endless.

Looking for quick and easy interior design hacks to bring your living space to life? Discover Harris Brushes’ unique round-up today and transform your home.


  1. The Ultimate Mirror Wall – #IkeaMirrorHack 22.3 million views

Arguably the most coveted Ikea hack on TikTok at the moment, the ‘Ikea mirror hack’ was inspired by none other than DIY queen Stacey Solomon’s Instagram story, in which she built a stunning panel-effect mirror for only £30 using Ikea mirrors and black frames.



What You’ll Need

12x Ikea Lonsas Mirrors

12x Ikea Yllvad 12×30 Black Frames

Command Strips

Spirit Level

Tape Measure




How to Achieve the Look

  1. Remove the outer packaging from the individual mirrors and frames before assembling each mirror inside each frame.


  1. Next, you’re going to need to draw a line in the centre of your wall using your tape measure and a pencil before beginning to attach two mirrors on either side of the line.


  1. Apply your Command Strips to the back of your first mirror as necessary. We recommend using one for each of the four sides and securing this to one side of the centre line using your spirit level to ensure the mirrors are applied accurately and in a perfectly straight line.


  1. Repeat this process and apply the next mirror right next to the first (this will be to the left of the first if you applied it to the left of the line and vice versa if the other way around) until you have two either side of the line, creating your first row of four. Using this row as a guide begin to apply your next two rows using the same steps, then just like that – you have the expensive-looking mirror wall of your dreams!


  1. Fluted Dresser #FlutedDresser 5.3 million Views

The second of our TikTok Trending Ikea hacks is the ultra on-trend fluted dresser, the perfect way to create a TikTok-approved space using iconic Ikea furniture. The good thing about this hack is that it can be applied to any dresser you are looking to upcycle, provided that the wooden framing and dowels are measured and cut correctly to fit each door.

If you love the fluted look and are  looking for further inspiration, Home DIY lover Luke Arthur Wells has created a similar look using dowels to upgrade an old cupboard, giving it a new lease of life.




What You’ll Need

The IKEA Hemnes Dresser

Wooden Framing (measured for each door)


Gorilla Glue



Paint of Your Choice

Dresser Handles of Your Choice


How to Achieve the Look

  1. Begin by protecting the room to ensure no adhesive or paint can damage your flooring or surrounding areas.


  1. Sand your dresser and drawers to ensure they’re ready for painting once your fluted drawers are created.


  1. Wearing protective gloves, measure your wooden frames for each individual dresser door, then secure these in place using your Gorilla Glue or another quality adhesive.


  1. Measure and cut your dowels to fit inside the wooden frames side-by-side, this may result in a large number of dowels being used to complete the project so ensure you’re fully stocked up.


  1. Next, remove the drawers from their sections one by one and place the drawer flat on the floor with the door facing upwards. Carefully create strips of glue and secure dowels to the drawers as tightly together as possible to create the stunning fluted effect. Leave these to dry for as long as possible; opening windows and letting the room aerate is also a useful tip to ensure that the glue can fully dry.


  1. Using a quality primer, begin to prime your updated dresser before applying your desired top coat and installing your new hardware to see your outdated furniture transformed. If you’d like to achieve a flawless finish for your paintwork, visit Harris Brushes’ step-by-step tutorial on how to paint furniture.


  1. Kallax Storage Unit #IkeaStorage 814.5k views

We all need storage and stylish storage units not only help us declutter and reclaim that much-needed floor space, but they also allow us to create a unique, decorative element that brings the room together. Perfect for nurseries, living rooms and bedrooms, the Kallax storage unit hack is a quick fix that instantly enhances the look of your home.




What You’ll Need

Ikea Kallax Individual Shelving Unit

Electric Screwdriver

8x Screws




Paint of Your Choice



How to Achieve the Look

  1. Prepare the room for wood filling, sanding, painting and more so lay down a dustsheet and secure this with masking tape.


  1. Position your three Kallax shelving units side by side where you’d like them to sit in the home and ensure they’re lined up correctly. There will be two instances where the units meet which need to be secured.


  1. Using your screwdriver, insert a screw either side of the join at the front and back of each unit. You will notice a thin gap between each unit about three inches down which will need to be sealed with wood filler.


  1. Apply your Ronseal using a filling knife making sure that the surface is seamless and even.


  1. Once your wood filler is dry, begin sanding your new larger unit and apply your primer coat ahead of painting.


  1. Finally, apply your topcoat. Be sure to follow the guidelines stated on your paint tin to ensure your application and drying times are accurate and achieve an immaculate finish.



  1. DIY Vase – #IkeaVase 381.1k views

A simple yet highly effective hack that gives incredibly stylish results, the Ikea DIY black vase hack is too good not to try. Using two inexpensive Ikea items, this effortless Ikea home décor hack can help to bring your home up to date in an instant and can be adapted to suit your interior scheme using the plant or stems you choose to showcase in the vase.



What You’ll Need

Luftmassa Lamp Shade

Ikea Cylinder Vase

Black Spray Paint

Faux Flowers/Stems of Your Choice


How to Achieve the Look

  1. First, pick up an Ikea Luftmasa Lamp Shade (yes, lamp shade), Cylinder Vase and some faux flowers of your choice – try shopping around at Ikea to find some that suit your interior style. Next, you’ll need to purchase black spray paint of your choice to give the vase that sleek, minimalist look.


  1. Take your lamp shade and set this aside, then place a sheet or some newspaper on a flat surface and secure this with masking tape. You’ll also need to ensure your surrounding area and clothing is protected ahead of spray painting. For further tips on preparing the room for painting, head to Harris Brushes’ quick and easy guide to protect your room for painting like a pro.


  1. Wearing protective gloves, place your Ikea Cylinder Vase on the newspaper and simply spray your first coat until you achieve an even finish. You can apply another coat if you wish once the first coat is dry.


  1. Once your painting is complete and fully dry, insert your revamped Ikea Cylinder Vase into the Luftmasa Lamp Shade and add your flowers to create a chic vase that is ready to take pride of place in any corner of the home.



  1. Woven Headboard #WovenHeadboard 62.4k views

Helping to incorporate a sense of warmth and capture the ‘Hygge’ spirit, woven elements are ideal for creating a calm, serene space. Giving the home that highly-coveted boho look with just one simple update, the woven headboard hack is simply too good to not try at home.



What You’ll Need

Ikea IVAR Bookshelf Side Unit

Cotton Webbing

Staple Gun


How to Achieve the Look


  1. Take your IVAR side unit and lay it down flat on the floor. Next, measure your cotton webbing strips to ensure they reach at least the full length of the unit.


  1. Take each strip and secure this at the top beam of the unit using a staple gun, but be sure to tuck in the ends of each strip. Pulling your strip tightly, secure this in the same way at the bottom beam of the unit, tucking in the end for a neat finish. You may need to trim the end of your strips if you have overestimated the length needed.


  1. Now that your long strips are tight and secure, you need to measure the shorter strips that will be weaved into the longer strips. You’ll need at least 4-5 inches of excess left at either side to ensure this can be tucked under the unit and secured, preventing your weaving from coming undone.


  1. Once your strips are ready to go you can begin weaving these in horizontally to create the highly coveted woven look. Create your pattern by pushing one strip under then over the vertical strip, then the next strip will go over then under the vertical strip.


  1. Once your weaving is completed, simply wrap the 4-5 inches of the excess strip around the back of the unit and secure with your staple gun, then your beautiful new headboard is ready to be secured to your bed.


With upcycling very much at the forefront of our minds given the ongoing climate crisis, it seems that the popularity of DIY and the satisfaction it provides is greater than ever. TikTok has bestowed some phenomenal Ikea hacks upon us, providing brand-new interior inspiration for both experienced DIYers and first-timers! From custom vases to signature dressers the possibilities really are limitless. Which of our favourite hacks will you try?

For the full article, head to the Harris Brushes Tip Exchange, or for more useful tips on how to transform the home, why not take a look at these How-To Guides?