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Massive demand for N&P lowest ever 10 year fixed rate mortgage forces withdrawa

Customer interest in longer term fixed mortgages led the Society to anticipate high levels of demand for the

3.99% best buy rate but in order to maintain customer service levels the product will no longer be available

after today (Monday 06 February).

All customer appointments already arranged with N&P's mortgage advisors will be honoured, the company said in

a statement.

‘We were confident it was the right time to offer a 10 year fixed rate mortgage and have been proved correct

that there is high demand for longer term fixed deals, especially with incentives such as low fees and

cashback,’ said N&P product manager Richard Barker.

‘In order to maintain our high standards of customer service, we have reluctantly taken the decision to

withdraw the product but, in the face of such interest from borrowers, hope to be able to return with a

similarly competitive product in the future,’ he explained.

‘We have been reviewing our mortgage range since our merger with Yorkshire Building Society at the end of

last year and aim to offer more exciting and competitive deals throughout 2012,’ he added.