Add Value to Your Home This Year

With more time spent inside than ever before, over the past 18 months, it may come as no surprise that home upgrades and improvements are now top of many homeowners’ agenda. One of the reasons why people take out equity from their house is for home improvements.

From adding new kitchens to converting unused loft space, there are many upgrades that can be made to make the most of the place we call home.

These changes may be invaluable to our day to day lives, but it’s no secret they can also increase the monetary value of a property too – but which upgrades add the most value?

A new report by Royal London reveals which upgrades will increase your home’s value the most in 2021 (along with the real reason we renovate), according to UK homeowners.


Royal London asked homeowners in the UK how much more they would offer on their next home if the property had certain improvements.

The report reveals adding a new kitchen and a bathroom to a house will add the most value, in 2021.

The full list can be seen in the table below:

Rank  Improvement  Value added to property 
Modern kitchen £11,159.95
Modern bathroom £10,915.12
Loft conversion £10,845.17
Spare bedroom £10,744.35
New boiler/heating system £9,647.50
Modern windows £9,597.93
Garage conversion £9,503.32
Landscaped garden £9,502.17
Conservatory £9,390.26
10  Modern doors £8,601.15


Royal London asked people on a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being not influenced at all and 10 being very influenced) how influenced they were to renovate their homes based on the different factors such as seeing their neighbours upgrading and viewing images of celebrity homes online.

The full list of influences can be seen below:

Rank  Influencing factor for renovating  Score (1-10)  
The need for more space for myself or partner 7.0
Selling the property 6.6
The need for space for kids or pets 6.3
A need for more space to work from home 6.3
A desire to hold more social events in the home 6.2
Seeing upgrades to family members property 6.0
Seeing upgrades on a neighbours’ property 5.8
Viewing images of celebrity homes online 5.3


The report also asked UK homeowners what home improvements they have made within the first two years of living in their property.

Nearly half (48 per cent) of homeowners invested in a new kitchen within the first 24 months of ownership, while 39 per cent improved their bathrooms.

The full list of most popular upgrades to be made within the first two years can be seen below:

Rank  Improvement   per cent of respondents who’ve made this improvement to their home  
Modern kitchen 47.9 per cent
Modern bathroom 39.3 per cent
Landscaped garden 27.3 per cent
New doors 24.3 per cent
New boiler/heating system 23.1 per cent
Modern windows 20.8 per cent
Decking 14.7 per cent
Home office 14.5 per cent
Loft conversion 14.2 per cent
10  Conservatory 14.0 per cent