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How to Sell a House this Bank Holiday Weekend

With the recent announcement of the new 95 per cent mortgage scheme and the current stamp duty holiday, the UK is seeing a real housing boom. But with so many people looking for houses, how do you make sure your home stands out from the rest and what can you do to get that quick sale?

Although a recent study by 247 Blinds found that almost everyone (96 per cent) agrees that some form of home improvements and cleaning is essential before hosting viewings, expert, Linzie Cooper, senior sales negotiator at The Property Advantage, weighs in on where you should be really be spending your time and money to make your house more desirable to potential buyers.

By doing these 6 things this weekend, your house could be ready to sell by Tuesday!

Clean those windows

According to the study, a quarter of people (24 per cent) would be prepared to spend over their budget for a house with a good view of the countryside and Linzie advises that you should really embrace this by encouraging people to view the house in broad daylight and cleaning up your window dressings.

Jason Peterkin, director at 247 Blinds adds: “If you’re giving your home a refresh, be sure to give your blinds a good clean if they’re looking a bit worse for wear as this will really help to enhance your window scene. Venetian blinds can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth and then spruced up with a feather duster. For roller blinds, try vacuuming them down to remove excess dust or, for a deep clean, carefully take them down and use a damp microfibre cloth to wipe from toto bottom. If you invested in shutters for your windows, don’t be afraid to big them up during house viewings too as these are often a well sought-after item in the home and are the perfect way to frame a beautiful view or improve a not-so-stunning view.”

Spruce up your entryways

In keeping with the idea of the perfect view, 1 in 7 buyers say that they would spend over their budget if they knew the house had newly fitted windows. Revamping your windows is great way to boost kerb appeal, attracting prospective buyers. If your windows are due an upgrade before your property is ready to go on the market, consider an option that gives a completely unobstructed view of your garden or other green spaces, such as a French casement window (otherwise known as a ‘floating mullion’ style).

Adam Pawson, Head of Digital at Safestyle says: “The floating mullion style window opens out completely, leaving an amazing, unobstructed view. Unlike standard windows, the middle frame is attached to the window itself on either side so that when the window is opened outwards, the frame moves with it creating a wide-open space similar to that of French doors.”

Adam offers his top tips for getting your windows sparkling clean: “Start by opening up the window or door and take an old paint brush to loosen any dirt, dust and cobwebs that might be stuck in the frame. Use the hose of your vacuum cleaner to get rid of any debris. For uPVC window and door frames marks and stains should come off with ease. Fill up a bowl with some warm water and washing-up liquid and use a soft white cloth to wipe down. Avoid using a coloured cloth as the dye can stain plastic.”

Make sure everything’s in check

Before inviting viewers into your house, be sure to have the relevant documentation ready for any structural or electrical work that has been carried out in your home.

Charlie Morton, director at MBL Electrical says; “When buying or selling a property, electrics are something that can often go unconsidered but are vital to the safety of the home. If you’ve had any electrical work carried out on your home, it’s essential to make sure you use a qualified electrician as by law, most electrical work such as rewiring or installing new circuits must be certified with an EIC form within 30 days of the work being completed. A missing EIC can make selling your property more difficult and is something your solicitor will always ask for to ensure any work has been carried out correctly and safely. There are options should you realise you’re missing an EIC form when selling your property but it’s always advised to check that your electrician is certified and can provide an EIC for any work carried out so you don’t have hold ups or added cost when coming to sell your property.”

Draw attention to any energy saving solutions 

If your home benefits from efficient, energy improving technologies such as solar panels or electric heating, you should absolutely shout about this during viewings.

Antonio Dengra, CEO at Rointe states: “The installation of gas boilers is set to be banned in new build properties from 2025, with a much bigger focus being placed on adopting more sustainable solutions for the future. Therefore, if your home comes complete with electric heating and wifi controlled radiators, it could be a huge selling point. As energy prices continue to rise, electric heating is much more efficient and can have a huge impact on bills long term – this will be music to any buyers’ ears!”

Keep colour palettes clean and fresh

It’s always worth adding a fresh lick of paint to your home before viewings begin, but pay close attention to the key rooms in your home; the bedroom, living room and kitchen. Linzi suggests: “It’s important to keep the colour palette clean and fresh – we’ve seen a lot of grey and yellow recently and those colours brighten the home.”

When it comes to styling in the bedroom, director at Time4Sleep, Jonathan Warren advises: “The master bedroom is an extension of your personal style and the colour palette is very important as it sets the mood for the whole room. Creating a relaxing sleep space is key so complement neutral tones with lots of texture, white linens and plenty of plants. Your bed should be a focal point within the room so it’s important to dress it well with ironed, fresh sheets, an abundance of pillows and a soft throw draped across the bottom.”

Emphasise outdoor social space

The study revealed that 1 in 4 (23 per cent) people said they would be prepared to pay over the asking price for a house with a well-designed garden with suitable space for socialising and Linzie agrees: “Buyers are prioritising an entertaining area as well as a sizable lawn or artificial grass. It’s an added bonus if your garden offers privacy but an outside area for entertaining family friends is a big selling point.”

Ryan Schwarze, head of Luxury Rattan adds: “Following the pandemic we have become increasingly aware of how important our gardens are, not only for the space to relax but to also share the company of family and friends as restrictions ease. Adding a seating area to your garden with added features such as a fire pit is a great option to show potential buyers that your outdoor space is perfect for entertaining. Modern rattan furniture sets are also very easy to maintain and clean if you’re preparing for viewers, simply wipe down your rattan with some warm soapy water before leaving to dry in the sunshine.”