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How Much Would Tree Plantation Be Sufficient To Raise Resistance Against Climate Change?

tree plantation

Can planting trees be held as an effective weapon against the issue of climate change? Experts from Northern Italy have fascinating facts to enlighten. However, before starting the endeavor of comprehending them in-depth, some statistics need to be eyed. Considering from a global platform, February was less warm than the past few years. The temperature was below 0.1 degree Celsius, which is over the novel 1991-2020 average.

However, the month was about the extreme shifting of temperature across the southern and central parts of the United States. With the Arctic weather finding its way into Texas, the month was colder than February of past years. Siberia was also struggling with the same tendency of weather the United States saw, but for Greenland, it was warmer.

Last month, Europe also couldn’t help itself from witnessing a massive swing of cooler and warmer temperatures. The German city of Gottingen is standing being an example of this unpredictability of the weather. The city has scored a record of exceeding minus twenty-four degree Celsius on February 14th for reaching 18 degree Celsius in shorter than a week later.

Are these unprecedented shifts of temperature a novel and increasing symptom of climate change? The question has been put in front of Atmospheric Predictability’s Professor Daniela Domeisen from Switzerland’s ETH Zurich.

According to her, the cold felt during the early February of this year indicates the polar vortex. She also stated that as soon as that persuasion diminishes, the average temperature would arrive back. By saying the normal temperature, she meant the temperature above the normalcy since it’s the actual indication of climate change.

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But, technological advancement is doing its part in improving the current scenario of climate change. Advocating the minimization of paper usage would be one of them since it is one of the causes of cutting down trees. Online retailers and gaming podiums also offer consumers added benefits and conveniences to get better services without requiring visiting land-based establishments.

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Taking a mentionable step, the EU has decided to plant additional three billion trees within 2030. While hoping to enhance biodiversity, many are also convinced about its power in fighting against climate change. Experts have also demonstrated an affirmative note in this regard.

When trees are woken up from their frosty sleep, they have started to soak CO2 from their surroundings. Anyone can easily calculate the amount of CO2 absorbed by that many trees since only one tree can suck up tons of CO2 within a single day.

Now, how many trees would be required to diminish the ill effect of CO2 emission? Answering this question, Parco Oglio Sud, Fabrizio Malaggi stated that 7 to 5 tons of CO2 are emitted by a European citizen over a year. Hence, for balancing the amount of CO2, around 5 to 7 trees would be needed.

However, not all trees have a similar capacity of soaking CO2. It is also dependent on the type, amount, environment, and way of treating forests.

Wetlands and well-treated forest areas can serve humankind, curtailing the adversity of CO2 emersion and climate change by keeping the CO2 stored in for several decades. However, all of this depends on how effectively we can control and restrict deforestation, valuing the green lands. Besides, we also need to search for another way of managing climate change rather than only depending upon planting trees.