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435 Homes in Blackburn

Kingswood Homes will invest more than £4million in the Blackburn community after acquiring the final 64-acre piece in the puzzle of the Gib Lane Masterplan.

The land, located west of Moorland Drive, covers phases four to 11 of Kingswood’s Green Hills development in Feniscowles and is the continuation of the scheme HemingwayDesign originally designed.

A hybrid planning application was granted in May for 435 homesincluding existing contemporary style properties, along with a range of more traditional looking designs to cater for a diverse mix of purchasers.

Kingswood will support the continued growth of the neighbourhood by investing £4 million in the community. The SME developer is providing land valued at more than £3 million for a new primary school and has pledged £850,000 towards new primary school places. The company will also make a £150,000 contribution towards provision of off-site affordable housing.

Paul Jones,  managing director of Kingswood Homes, said: “The vision of a sustainable village in Blackburn has become a reality at Green Hills. It’s fast become a desirable neighbourhood where people aspire to live. We’ve welcomed more than 125 homeowners to date and have committed to delivering hundreds more homes with this latest land acquisition.”

Rule Five Land were the promotors for the site and have worked closely with Kingswood Homes throughout the purchase of all earlier phases of the Green Hills development.

The recently acquired land will deliver a range of properties including two-bedroom bungalows, plus semi-detached and detached homes with three to six bedrooms.

The topography of the site provides opportunities for broad panoramic views of the West Pennine Moors and prominent landmarks, such as the wooded hills of Hoghton Tower and Billinge Hill, Pendle Hill to the north and Darwen Tower to the south.

The new phases will include housing reflecting the Pennine vernacular, with scope for contemporary architectural accents, plus homes built using red brick, slate grey coloured roofs, accents, and render.

Work on these homes is due to begin this autumn and is expected to take more than seven years to complete.

The homes will be interspersed with numerous areas of incidental and informal open space. There will be a more formal open space around a feature oak tree, plus meandering paths and a Sustainable Urban Drainage system including swales and basins.