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68 New Homes in Birmingham

Lovell Partnerships has announced its latest development with the Birmingham Municipal Housing Trust (BMHT), to create affordable housing and open market residential dwellings on Monmouth Road, adjacent to Senneleys Park, in Bartley Green.

The new development, named Senneley’s View, is the product of an extensive regeneration programme that required years of site clearance. Once completed and following a successful planning application, Lovell Partnerships was selected to begin the work needed to plan and develop the 68 new, high-quality homes.

This includes two-bedroom bungalows designed for those with mobility issues, through to four-bedroom family homes. Importantly, 24 of the homes, including 15 two-bedroom bungalows, will be available for affordable housing. With work on the site now in progress, the expected completion date of the Senneley’s View housing development is 2023.

Stuart Penn, regional managing director at Lovell Partnerships, said: “We are delighted to be working with BMHT to plan and develop Senneley’s View, which is an important regeneration housing project that will increase the number of quality homes, including affordable housing provision for those who need it most.

“The demand for housing in the West Midlands continues to rise, so it is important that new housing developments continue to be prioritised. Lovell Partnerships is dedicated to working with local authorities, housing associations and organisations like BMHT to tackle the housing crisis and we look forward to ensuring local communities have the homes they need to live well.”

A Birmingham City Council spokesperson said: “After many years of work on the clearance of the old unfit-for-purpose flats on the site, the design of both the homes and the site, as well as consultation with the local councillors and the community, we are pleased to be able to work with Lovell Partnershipto deliver much-needed high-quality and energy efficient homes for families and those with mobility issues, and to offer opportunities for families to live, grow and work in the Bartley Green area.”