Adding an en-suite increases property value by £4,000

Buyers are typically willing to pay £4,000 more for a property with an en-suite bathroom, a survey commissioned by Mira Showers found.

When it comes to where the bathroom is situated within a property, almost half (49%) of buyers would offer less if the bathroom was only accessible via the kitchen.

They’d typically pay around £7,000 less than the asking price if that was the case, while some would pay between $10,000 and £20,000 less.

The study advised homeowners to make renovations that appeal to the masses to increase its value.

This could mean having a downstairs bathroom, a bathroom connected to a master bedroom and one tied to the second bedroom, depending on the space available.

For the elderly having a bathroom in the ground floor is a priority, while for older kids an independent bathroom would help with convenience and privacy.