Attention on egyptian property continues to increase

Many analysts have rated Egypt as having some of the best rental returns in the world.

It appears as though Egypt is about to experience a property investment boom even though most of the mainstream real estate sources give the African country very little coverage. However, this is exactly the way that investment groups want things to be.

Anaylst are advsing that that Egypt was one of the markets which is having a substantial amount of interest. Major players seem to be conducting considerable due diligence into the land of the pyramids. One of the primary reasons for the growing interests in the country is the fact that Egypt experiences the highest rental yields on the planet. Two new major routes are being completed between Gatwick to Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada, and if everything continues on schedule, the routes will be open this coming April.

These two new trade routes coupled with significant efforts put forth by the Egyptian government has caused many prospective investors to view Egypt as a country that is making strides to reform their business atmosphere. 

With the highest rental yields in the world, Egypt will soon be on the radar of every property investor.