High demand for morocco property concerning for locals

With much foreign investment in the country of Morocco and its property market, prices in the country have soared.

In the wake of housing supply problems, however, and the larger disparity between income and cost of living, the federal housing ministry has decided to take a look at the matter and see if government measures could be instituted to help control the markets.

Morocco is extremely popular, especially with Britons. This is usually what a country or destination desires, but in Morocco's case, the growth and attention has been so explosive that it is creating much more demand than the supply of the country can handle; for the moment anyway. Demand is so intensive that prices are going sky high, especially for the middle class Moroccans living and working in the country.

Housing is in such demand from foreign investment that the country is having a hard time keeping up and the Moroccan government is looking at measures to help ease the situation.

At the moment, the North African country of Morocco is "the" place that Britons want to go for a holiday, and they have increasingly decided Morocco is a good investment for a second home too. While this is great news for the economy of Morocco, its growth has happened so rapidly, the government is having trouble keeping up.

It has been reported that property prices are ranging from 10,000 dirhams to 20,000 dirhams per square metre. Personnel from Morocco's housing ministry are meeting with developers and private firms to try to find solutions to this phenomenon that is unique to country. The housing market needs to be re-balanced so that the general population in Morocco can afford to do just more than exist.

With much at stake, the government is working toward a resolution that will benefit all.