Kenyan capitol still looking good for investment

Approaching Kenya from an investor’s perspective does actually give someone things to be optimistic about.

The violence in Kenya, which was previously one of the bastions of democracy, the rule of law and good economy in Africa, has really made many investors take a closer look before putting their money into any of the countries on that continent.

However, at the same time, the private sector in the country has also been very involved in trying to put an end to the violence that has been continuing since the results of the last election were announced. Now, with the help of the private sector, the two political parties in Kenya have agreed to come back to the table and find an agreement that is acceptable to both sides.

With the hope of political reconciliation back on the table now, people are starting to look at the good points about Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, that made it an attractive city for property investment before the violence broke out.

The robust growth of the property sector over the 2007 year is the primary reason as to why Nairobi was so well regarded as being a possible site of property investment in the 2008 year and indeed there are many overseas property investors that are still very interested in the prospect of putting their money into the city even with the spectre of the violence hanging over them.

A report released by the Global Property Guide regarding performance in the 2007 year ranked Nairobi as being the seventh best property investment opportunity in Africa for that year and projected it in the same position for the upcoming year. This has actually changed surprisingly little in light of all that has gone on in Kenya since the report was released and what many analysts are finding is that people that are sick of inflation in other African property markets are looking to invest somewhere else and Kenya might be the place for them to go.

It is certainly riskier business than before in light of the political situation in Kenya, but the prospects within the country’s property market are still enough to make many potential investors interested in the idea.