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Morocco popular with UK investors

Independent analysts Amberlamb found that the North African country is currently attracting an increased amount of interest from British-based investors, especially those who want a residence for their own personal use, such as holiday home owners and expatriates.

However, it pointed out that the destination was also proving to be an appealing location for investment buyers as well.

Morocco now accounts for one in five properties in Africa that are owned by Britons. 'Morocco is of serious and increasing interest to UK-based purchasers,' a spokesman said.

This is likely to continue as Morocco's government is investing nearly £9 billion in improving its transport network to boost the country's economy. More than £7 billion will be spent on improving ports, airports and roads, while £1.3 billion will go towards a planned high-speed rail service.

The new train link will connect Tangier and Casablanca, offering direct passage between the two cities in just two hours. This is likely to significantly boost the property markets in both places, while towns along the route may also benefit from extra demand.

Morocco's government hopes that as well as strengthening the economy, the improvements may also attract more foreign investors to the country.

Morocco is currently one of the world's leading emerging markets for investment in property abroad. Luxury real estate can still be purchased at excellent prices and purchasers enjoy the exotic atmosphere, stunning natural beauty and variety this country provides.

With progressive government policies firmly in place, the tourist economy is on the brink of a boom and purchasers of property abroad are acting fast.

But the British are not the only ones to be aware of the appeal of Morocco. The country is luring in Spanish and Italian buyers in equal numbers and a high concentration of French purchasers too. Because French is widely spoken in Morocco following France's long protectorate over the nation which ended in 1956, it is only natural that the French should be lured to Morocco and in particular, the Costa Vista or Mediterranean Riviera region which rivals France's own.